Week In Review 5-23-14

Lots of awesome updates from mechberg in today’s Week In Review, but the headline news is the exciting reveal that as a thank you to Forza Motorsport 5 Car Pass owners, we are extending the life of the Car Pass to include two additional monthly car packs!

If you are a Car Pass owner, that means you’ll be getting the next two monthly DLC car packs – the “June” pack, which is scheduled for release next Friday (more on that in the WIR), as well as our “July” car pack – at no additional charge. That’s 20 additional cars for you to collect, customize, and race, bringing the total to 90 DLC cars for Forza 5 Car Pass owners!

Read all about it here.

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Nice I can’t wait to see what the 20 cars are going to be!

Cool, more cars…

Good news! I don’t own the car pass, but was thinkng about buying it just last night - sounds like a good time. (hoping for some modern race cars though)

Thanks turn 10, glad to see even further support for us season pass holders, cant wait

Those are some nice Vesaro rigs set up for the Indy Dive no?

Any actual game updates?


Would be even better if the next two car packs had actual new cars. Not a single 2015 car, and very few, if any, 2014s. And by “new” I also mean new to the series. While T10 has been busy rescanning most of the cars to make the jump to Forza 5 (where is my MC12 Corsa from Forza 2???), other games have gotten the lead in terms of keeping up to date with cars; this time last year, FH had Shelby 1000, Lambo Aventador J (which was practically just unveiled when Forza Horizon was released), and others that were brand-spanking new to both the world and the world of video games, now Gran Turismo and other games have jumped ahead with cars like the Tesla Model S, Lamborghini Veneno, Lamborghini Urus, the new 2015 Ford Mustang, all of which are missing from this new-generation of Forza.

As i have mentioned a few times before, I would have prefered that the new cars be DLC and rescans be title updates; even if T10 loses money by not packing perennial fan favorites into DLC, that could be canceled out by the fact that each DLC pack would have 10 new cars to satisfy our automotive porn fantasies, which would make the majority of fans happy even if they were old-era cars like a Matra DJet or Ferrari 340 MM.

Also, I’d love to see Turn 10 create their own car brand for the game, sort of like Gran Turismo does with the Red Bull X1 super-F1 car and the Vision Gran Turismo cars.

And yes, I would like to know if there are any Forza game updates.

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Thank you for the recognition and a spot in the week in review! There were several great shots of the Foust gift car. Also, thank you for the updates on the car packs! I can’t wait for 5/30/14!

Thanks for the new car packs, but I think we would better off with some more tracks and fixing some of the bugs, adding more content that we are missing and people have been asking for. Im sure that would put a much bigger smiles on our loyal long-term players that have been around for many yrs.


Wow, a lot of great happening this summer! The car pass expansion caught me by surprise, but it’s nice that we get another 20 cars, definitely worth the money for the car pass! That trailer for the Initial D looks amazing, my guess is that we won’t be seeing a English version until at least 1 year from then. Congrats to HeartlessHorror on winning the Foust car photo contest, it was fun to take part in it and great that I got runner up! I’ll be looking forward to next Friday to what cars will be unveiled, and the VIP gift today as well.

Great stuff more car. This is why I Love T10 and forza. Bring it on!!

What’s the car in the top pic with people playing it? It has the rollbars down the centre of the window like a stock car.

Are there any cars in the game already that have this?

[EDIT] Pretty sure it’s just the Corvette ZR1 C6.r.

I’m really glad to hear the life of the car pass has been extended, can’t wait more information on the new cars.
Although, I like these car packs, there is still a lot of cars I miss.
I’m also glad for the new features coming in June, although I read about them before I came here.
I enjoyed this Week in Review. I look forward to reading it again sometime.

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Glad there is an extension on the Car Pass got extended, would be cool if that is a sign that FM5 will be receiving a lot more DLC. The addition of the Nürburgring track would be awesome, it is one of my most favorite tracks. Looking forward to the next DLC cars, hopeful that the BMW E34 M5 will be added soon it is one of the cars I really miss.

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,It would be great if we saw a few hybrid/electrics in these packs. Really hoping for a few fun cars rather than 16 muscle cars, 2 trucks, and maybe…just maybe 2 cars which would be useful. Lets see Rimac, Tesla, RUF(or whatever you need to do to get Porsche chassis in here…)

Thanks for putting my 57 Chevy picture up as the thumbnail for Week in Review. And thanks to the people that downloaded the design that’s on the 57 Chevy. I hope you guy enjoy the design!

I can’t wait to see what you guys have in store for the two new car packs. Thank you guys for extending the car pack pass.

Good news for FM5! I expect the DLC guessing game to begin soon!

Now, how about throwing us FM4 folks a bone - Maybe consider putting up some new FM4 Monthly Rivals for June? How about a NASCAR traffic challenge on Sunset or some epic fast lapping or a P to P challenge… something?

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That is awesome that the season pass is being extended, hope maybe some classic indy or le mans cars might be coming since those two races are coming up :slight_smile: speaking of which, will there be community hoppers for those…kinda like how long beach was done, and le mans has been done that way before too.

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I just hope that LeMans’ Hopper event has multiple rooms so we don’t have to wait 4 or more hours for the next available race. Also, I want collisions off (all players pass through the others) because I, like hundreds of others, are sick and tired of getting punted off at every corner by the inepts and the cheats. When the cheats realize that they can’t get to first place because they cannot crash others out, they either wise up and drive correctly or up and quit. After all, we don’t want to spend the entire race weekends quitting trying to avoid having cheats in the first place.

I feel like there should be a license-based access to multiplayer, where players who can drive certain tracks properly for a certain period of time (5 days worth of driving per track, as an example) may be allowed to race on that track in multiplayer. Just like with real life, if you acquire a certain amount of points on the license for offs or collisions or other black flag behavior, get their license revoked, forcing them to start over… But that would be dictatorist of T10. But i’m open to that because if nobody is a cheat, they the players that are going off so often must be the ones who bought the game solely to player online and don’t care whether they practiced or not, as if that’s their idea of “fun”…