Week in Review 3/28/14

So, heard any Forza 5 news today? Nah, us either.

Holy mackerel, what a day. Hope you guys enjoy this edition.

Pretty crazy day, I just clicked on a thread, thinking nothing of it to find out the DLC was released early! I like the changes in the update to, free cars are always nice. And even the little change of having the garage icon in the buy cars menu makes a huge difference.

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My great Forza conflict: do I invest in a whole setup for a wheel, pedals, shifter, seat, dash, etc., or into an Xbox 1 and FM5?

This WIR has done absolutely nothing to help resolve my quandry. Especially with the release of the Chaparral.

No less, I’m glad to have FM4 and to have you guys continue running contests and events for it. Though I would like to ask you guys maybe open up the unicorn opportunities just a bit more for us remaining FM4 players. They’re bound to run out before some of us collect the lot of them…myself included.

Can’t wait to be on FM5 with you guys.


I’m digging that setup, kudos to whoever made that! The April pack caught me by surprised after I started up Forza 5 and did the update; I really liked the owned car indicator, as well as the 73 free cars, thank you very much btw! Still beating myself up over the Bounty Hunter, I had the perfect lap but messed it up on the final S-turn, but there’s always next time. Glad to hear the rep system will be updated, I’ve been in a couple races where 1-2 players are being poor sports.

Thank you for featuring my photo in the Week in Review.

on the 2013 Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG rear window tint is not.

Great update and to be honest, as most people work during the week, why tie Tuesday to being the day to release DLC/patches? It should be released whenever its ready.
It was welcome to check today (Sat) that the Top Gear DLC was already in the game.

In any case, I’m happy to see the garage icon fixed.

Really important question, in forza 4 what happens when you do the le mans 360 laps 24hrs. Do you have to do it in 24hrs or what? my friend says that you get max money and what ever car you used gets lvl 50 and you also get lvl 50. i would love to know all the restrictions please, i plan on completing it but i dont want to waste a day of my life.

Just noticed that the little garage indicator got switched from the “My Cars” section to the “Buy Car” section, where it should be. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


Mech you asked for a tune for the Chapparal. Well you could try the tune that has run #70 at Road Atlanta Full. Its titled “3 gear handling”.

What a week! I come within a tenth of beating you Brian, Dan’s awesome announcement and another one coming this week. I’m very excited to see what this next update brings and just the overall evolution of Forza 5. Great work on the CBH Brian and well done to T10 for continually improving the state of Forza.

Congratulations to whoever managed to beat Mechberg! I don’t have Forza 5. If I did, I would have beated him LoL !

Now, could someone to check about the setup (simulation chassis) and go look the video? Here’s the link: http://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=qyaLiRzXxIU

Two questions: first, with that setup, is it possible to look outside of your car?
Second: Is the track he was using… usable? I never found a way to drive on it.

Give me your opinion: Do you think that the driver that was… driving was terrible? You have to stop with your brakes… not my bumper… He somehow managed to win the race!

Oh, and I am back here after I have left for a few months :slight_smile:

Finally, a Week in Review like I remembered it :wink:

Something funny!

Even if you revealed the cars of the April Car Pack, people are still guessing in the April Clue Thread!
Will somebody tell them?!?

That’s one heck of an Xbox Dashboard!