Week in Review 1/31/14

Ain’t a week goes by that we don’t review it.

This week we’ve got updates on The Smoking Tire Car Pack, next week’s FM5 content update, new forum features, and more. Get yourself all reviewed up, won’t you?


Great news about saving replays in multiplayer mode, this is one of the thing’s we’ve been waiting for at Virtual Motorsports.

Quick question will it be limited to 30 minutes like Forza 4? Most of our races last over 40 minutes.

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I feel I speak for a majority of the Forza 5 owners when I say; “I think we expected a bit more from the content update.” Those features should have been addressed within the first month of release. From what I see there is not anything addressing the “vote to kick” option, which is currently ruining multiplayer lobbies. Multiplayer replays are a good thing, and hopefully it can help address intentional wrecking, and virtual motorsports.

There is also nothing addressing the custom public lobby options, a better more efficient way to find tunes… Other then the DLC… Hardly a “content” update frankly…

I must say, I’m disappointed in the update, but it’s a start I suppose.


Nice…it only took the second post for someone to complain about getting things we asked for.

Speak for yourself


When you have low expectations, there’s nothing to complain about.

I also find it ironic that expressing yourself on a forum, becomes scrutinized and is considered “complaining”, as this is what forums are intended for.

Having said that, I love Forza, and Forza 5’s gameplay is fantastic, but there is a lot more that needs to be done to the game then this seemingly small update.

Sorry to be the “negative Nancy” here, but without “complainers” like me; nothing would get done.

Keep that in mind.

If there is a majority, there in turn must be a minority, it’s not crazy to suggest a majority of the minority populate these very forums.

Good thing no one is asking you to chew.


And yet you miss the point. You can’t say ‘we’ or anything else putting words into others that didn’t say them. Minority, Majority, whatever, it still is not everyone. The only word that should appropriately be used is, “I think” or in ‘my’ opinion. The only person you can speak for , is yourself unless you actually represent something. “we here at Turn10” or “We here in [club name] think”

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I’m glad to hear we’re finally going to be able to save multiplayer replays. I hope this means a return for the Crash Team? One thing I didn’t understand though was the bit about the vote countdown timer ending when everyone has readied. Anyone understand what that means?

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I think if everyone in the lobby voted then it will just stop the remaining timer and start the race, instead of wasting x more seconds counting down for no reason.

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Hope these updates are the beginning of a regularly scheduled update system to get FM5 where it should be, standing alongside FM4, et al., in player friendliness.

Perhaps more information could be forthcoming about the “Replays.” Will these be like previous systems where the gamertags are shown, we have the same abilities to check telemetry, etc., and they are readily available when someone says, “Hey! See my Replay!”?

EDIT: Oh yes, Go Broncos!


Great WIR! Lots of good content and I’m happy to see T10 making progress on the updates, however slow and small they are. Updating the game is always a good thing. Loving the larger font in the forums! Makes it so much easier to read. Thank you guys for that! And then last but not least, even though I suggested the Merc AMG 63 Black, I think you pick a winner there with the 355. I have it and tuned it up and it’s a great car. Very grippy with the right tune on it. Here’s to T10 making even more progress on the game in the coming months.

And for everyone not really impressed with the update, remember that Brian said it included those things. He never said those were the only things it included. Who knows, we might get more.

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Hey Mechberg, thanks for a great week in review mainly due to the fact we can now save multiplayer replays! However, lets be honest - this should have been a standard option ;-p. I am yet to test out saving multiplayer replays but was wondering if the extra views are back? If not can they be added?

I’m talking about when you go to change the camera, in Forza 4 there were a fair few different views - rear-facing, pan etc etc (can’t remember them all), but in Forza 5 we have nothing - probably 3 extra views. For content creators this really does suck. Anyway, hope we can get some extra views or maybe a free-cam to really be in the directors seat and make some amazing videos but that’s asking to much yer? ;-p …thanks again for Multiplayer replays :smiley:

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Love the updates to the game and the cars in the Smoking Tire Car Pack look awesome. Keep the goodies coming!

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I Don’t have FM5 Sadly but if i did i would TUNE To my hearts Content and make Designs For Turn 10 (You Guys) but i will get it Sooner or later
See ya on the Forums

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I wanted to stop by and say I was displeased with the DLC for February, have yet to purchase any DLC. That said I know my wishes will be here soon. As let down as I was by the DLC I was surprised and excited for the content update! Fixing aero in the pits? YAY! saving replays? YAY! There’s light at the end of the tunnel. I haven’t really been disappointed in FM5 the driving is second to none in my racing game experience and I’m in love with the new options in the livery editor. So thanks for the content update and keep it up!

*One question though, will telemetry for all players be available in saved replays?


Looking forward to the new cars to try out! Excited to drive the FF in F5, and the Audi as well.

Nice to see MP replays as well, definitely will be uploading some videos from those close races.

Keep the good content rolling in!

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I look forward to the car pack and the updates. I want to build my drag Nova already!

I will definitely be online doing some racing with the devs. Some of you have already been on my leaderboard crosshairs! Looking forward to enjoying a race or two with you guys.

All three of those guys had great reads about their car choices. Good luck with your next affinity!

Thanks again!

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Is anything being done for headset with steering wheel users?

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Its a good read as always hope to see more as future updates come out. Im still glad you chose my pic to be featured in this weeks review its a honor from you guys for me at TURN 10 to see that.


I’m going to have to go with the Seahawks. I just have a feeling. I don’t even really pay attention to football, but my wife (who does) is cheering for the Broncos, so it adds a little tension :slight_smile:

Excited about the new car pack next week. I’ve been living in Horizon and FM4 lately, trying to get to Tier 5. I’ve made it from Tier 2 or 3 in November all the way to 4, and 206 points away from 5. Should happen in the next few days. Lots of aggressive hunting for points though. Anyway, the new car pack will get me to fire up FM5 for a bit. The Alfa Romeo caught my eye before I even knew it was the freebie, so that will be great.

I hope future updates have additional stuff like drag. I had a lot of fun doing that last month. I capped out at 10.734, to johniwanna’s 10.65. Not bad for my first real attempt at drag racing and customizing my car myself.

Thanks for the great WIR!

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“players can now save replays in Multiplayer”
That being said, i’m a steelers fan, so i’ve been out for some time, but my brother is a huge Broncos fan, so i’m hoping for them to win. and Sherman is a moron, so there’s that as well.

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