Weather system

Does Forza 7, have dynamic weather and day night cycle? Also can you choose weather conditions, like in previous games?

The only info I have seen about the weather system is that the conditions can change when you revist a track and that weather experiences are curated.

Anyone got more info?

You can see the weather change dynamically during a race in this video, and hear a thunder boom:

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How does this effect rivals? I’d assume weather is stagnant

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I would think rivals would be separate conditions, unless they introduce a stand alone new mode for changing weather conditions.

But this video really shows of the new system and the puddles seems more manageable.

Thanks Max, it says that weather is dynamic in the text as well :slight_smile:

I Don’t know if you agree with me but Dynamic Weather is for Arcade Racers…
This is so arcade-ish thing. I mean, you choose your car, you tune it for best lap times, when you do that, you don’t go to rainy weather, because, in dry track, the track lap times almost equals in real time. you can not do that in raining track. this is just for arcade players that wants some fun.
I dont appreciate that.

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You are aware that they do race proffesionally in the rain correct? Just because it rains or it is going to rain doesn’t mean they cancel scheduled races.

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Sorry but I laughed at this. No offense but have you ever seen real racing? I mean in real life. Everything is dynamic. You go to the track with a perfectly set up car and ten minutes later the temperature rises two degrees and suddenly your set up doesn’t work. Or the next day it’s completely different. Weather is dynamic in real life so it should be in the game, too. It should always have been. I think what you really mean is Rivals mode where everyone should have a level playing field and I’m sure that mode will have the weather system fixed. But really, nothing’s more realistic than dynamic conditions. It’s not arcadey, it’s the real thing.


No idea how you think dynamic weather is arcadey. Races still go on in the real world if it happens to rain.
You’re crazy man.

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What I think he means is u wouldn’t go and practice/hot lap in the rain. I also think the rain we have now in fm6 would cause a race to be cancelled. Considering the puddles do not move or change in size and that not 1 bit of the track gets dry over time. That is most certainly arcady and unrealistic. But they t10 have said puddles will increase and decrease depending on the weather, but even that is a concern as they didn’t say the puddles change the more u race through them which is what is needed to increase realism

I don’t understand it either personally. Real life races are always dynamic. By his logic the 24hrs of LeMans is an “arcade-ish thing”

are you kidding me ? this has the be a joke ?


It would be arcade to run a 50 lap race and the weather and time of day stay the same.

Either this is a troll post or you do not know the difference between simulation and arcade.

Having a weather forecast makes you think about your tires and your setup just like in real life, do you focus on the raining bit or the part where the track is dry, take your advantage of the conditions, adds more to the game than just who is quickest in general


Dynamic weather to me means that a race can start in one weather type and end in another. So if this is true, and if the race starts in dry weather, as in a multiple lap race on the Nordschleife, and it begins to rain before you can pit stop, will the game change to rain tires automatically or do you have to wait until you can pit again? Or will rain races be again an encapsulated environment from race start?

Can’t do wet laps that match real life? You mean like not being able to recreate race events that run no matter what the weather and record wet laps? goes and looks up wet lap records for Blancpain, just because Assetto Corsa and Iracing doesn’t have weather effects doesn’t mean it is an arcade thing, you do know the vast majority of race series race through that kind of weather so it is more than accurate to have them in a game and just because you prefer a dry track doesn’t mean other people don’t enjoy the challenge that weather presents which includes the change to how the car drives and having to judge when to pit to swap onto wet/intermediate tires.

Dan Greenawalt’s June 11 interview with IGN is at 6:36:30 in this video:

“Is the weather randomized in the game or does the player have some control over the conditions?”
“A little bit of both. We’ve actually curated the types of experiences we’re trying to deliver to players, and it’s this big campaign you’re going through, we curate experiences that match the car to the experiences. But eSports is a big component to the Motorsport experience as well, so being able to have different experiences every time you return to a track, that’s really important to us.”

So is it a no or a yes that we can have rain at night time? Or is it still not in the game becuase us players can’t handle the difficulty?

Oh, man, that would be intense… @ Rain +night.

I’ve ran in the rain on F1 games, Gran Turismo, etc, and really do love it, especially when it’s unpredictable. Start the race in the dry, lovely day, pit strategy all put together in hopes of dry weather…suddenly the weather blows in, the crew chief and I communicate back and forth to determine how the pit strategy is going to change…do I stay out on dry tires and cut back on the power, try to wait out the rain in case it’s just a quick shower, or do I come in early and expect full wets because it could be the start of a veritable flood…? Do I pit in and change back to dry tires early so I’m ready when the dry line forms, or stay out on full wets to make a dry line form even quicker…? DO I bother going to intermediates, or fight the grip loss or degradation…?

Add night to that, and—…oh, man, I’m not sure I could handle it, but I’d love to be able to face the challenge and find out.

I would hope that there is a dynamic weather option, so that it can be turned off and static weather can be chosen instead, for those who can’t handle certain challengers or who want to face certain challenges specifically, as well as for those who just need/want practice in certain conditions, or for the sake of setting a time in rivals/time trial/time attack in different conditions. Most games that have featured dynamic weather, have handled it in just this sort of way; it could either be set to full dynamic, or set to a specific condition. That seems to the the correct way to do it, partly to please the widest variety of people possible.

I was about to say exactly that. The main issue some people have is the rate of weather change. Will it be somewhat realistic or will it be some kind of accelerated timetable like in FH3 where you can go from day to night and from blue skies to downpours really fast?


Given that races in Forza last approximately 6 minutes, the weather is going to have to be very dynamic to justify the cost of development.