Weak network connection warning I need advice

I race mostly in the league lobbies and quite often get the weak network warning. What causes this is it my location (New Zealand) being along distance from the servers or the speed of my router. I currently use a TP Link router (300mbps) and a wireless connection to my Xbox one. Also I remember Talby posting that he also got this warning as well. Would buying a higher speed modem router improve the connection. I do not suffer lag very often and regularly check my settings. I have never cleaned out the cache on my Xbox and am not sure if that would help. I would appreciate all advice and comments.

If you are pumping 300mbps through your wireless router there’s no point in going higher. The Xbox one caps up and down speeds anyway. (Downloading a 50gig game takes hours and never gets much above 3mbps) sounds like the problem is in the Xbox. Make sure you aren’t running background applications that hog data like Netflix, Hulu, etc. Check on your Xbox network settings what it says about the speeds your Xbox is operating at. It should tell you on the main network settings screen.

I intermittently get these warnings too, usually happens right after I join a lobby and am in the first race. It goes away after a lap or two almost like I’m not syncing fully with the other players at first.

If all else fails do a full reboot of the Xbox, hold the power button till it turns off and let it sit for a few seconds, then crank it back up.

If possible I would use a wired connection rather than wireless - no.matter how good your Wi-Fi is, things can and will effect it’s performance.

The question is, other than the weak signal message, do you see things like lots of other cars lagging? Or if you lightly tap someone do they fly off? Do you experience issues I’m other games as well or just forza?

As above, a hard reboot fixes the majority of issues with this console - that and not using Wi-Fi and minimising the amount of other traffic on your home network

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I live in NZ also. I race Pclass in public lobbies. I have fast internet and suffer the same problems. Having the weak connection message does not always mean a terrible experience. Sometimes the cars can feel vague and less grippy than a hot l session and times are affected. My belief is that the time to send signal to game servers and get a return signal (ping) is the issue as the game servers are most likely in USA and Europe. I do regularly reset Xbox. Not sure if it helps or not but it is no big deal to do it. Unplug you modem / router also. This sometimes helps. Ultimately the signal has to travel roughly 25,000 miles every time you tweak your controller.

I agree with the previous reply that hard wired will always be more reliable than wireless.

I someone has a solution there are lots of us that will be eternally grateful.

Is anyone else using your internet while you are playing? Even someone browsing YouTube on a phone or laptop can siphon off bandwidth.
Other than that, I always recommend a cold boot of both the router and the Xbox

  1. shut down your Xbox and unplug it from the power socket
  2. unplug your internet router/modem and wait 2 minutes
  3. plug in your internet router/modem and allow it to fully cycle
  4. plug in your Xbox and allow it to fully connect to the internet
    5)start Forza

I try to do this every time I get ready to play Forza. It cuts through a lot of potential problems. Or at least it has seemed to help me.

Good luck

I regularly download games at over 50mb but never my full speed of 100mb. I think the highest I have seen is 79mb down. I sit at a steady 12mb up. The xbox dosn’t restrict your up/down speeds your only restricted by the speed of the ms server you are downloading from this can be affected by the amount of users. For instance downloading a game on the day it’s released will take longer than downloading it a week later
All that being said I dont think that has anything to do with the op’s issue.

Weak network connection can pop up for many many reason. I would expect never to see this but I do and I think it’s because other users are struggling to send data fast enough to me. You can often tell who this is because there livery will not show up to you, this is xbox way of proritising the important bits of data. There is no solution to other people’s slow Internet speeds. All you can do is make sure everything is as good as it can be at your end. Wifi is no no and a hard wire connection is essential. Make sure you have a dmz set up and using Google dns can also help. Other than that ur at the mercy of the rest of the world.

1 more thing lobbys can get stuck like this regardless of who’s joined and who’s left resulting in the cars juddering ever so slightly and giving u over the top phisics. This is difficult in leagues as there is often only 1 lobby. But in publics if I join a weak network connection lobby I find a new 1 immediately

I know going wired can be a drag but wireless is awful for this game. My console is upstairs from the router and when I want a reliable connection, I unfurl a 75’ cord and wrap it up the stairs and around the Xbox. It’s a ghetto fix but it totally works.



Going wired fixed all of my problems also. I also either to a hard restart or the clear alternate MAC address thing (which reboots the console as well) and I haven’t got the weak connection warning since. But, I don’t live in NZ, either, but give yourself the best chance, anyway.