We NEED to be able to "sort by exclusive"

I’ve been asking for this since FH4 and I can just say it would be such a simple addition with HUGE convenience. I’m getting new cars thrown at me left and right, from accolade rewards, wheelspins and gift drops. Now personally I like my garages optimized. I only keep cars that are exclusive or ones I genuinely like. Now with all the playlist and wheelspin exclusive cars in the game, I absolutely HATE having to dig through the auction house to see if the car I won is worth keeping. Just have an option to see all the cars you CAN’T get through the autoshow.

Another huge easy sorting convenience would be to sort by “required for accolade” as many accolade challenges require a specific car to complete, and I’d hate to be completing challenges just to see a car required that I just deleted or auctioned off.

I’m no game dev but I’d imagine this would be a quick and easy fix. Please add this, it would be a massive convenience!

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