We need somewhere to post feedback for FH3 Demo - This game need fixing when using wheel!

Hi Guys

Are you on Thrustmaster Wheel, and experiencing some issues with FH3 Demo?

Any1 got a collected thread for reporting bugs and feedback? NOT a wishlist, i want them to read this for good.

If you’re on a wheel, you probably noticed a lot of undecent experiences.

Can someone be kind and link me to feedback page?

If it’s not existing for now, lets use this one!

Remember the good tone, this game has a lot of good - but easily fixable things make it kinda bad…

My setup:
Thrustmaster TX Leather Edition
Wheel Stand Pro


  • The button layout for the wheel has by default (rolling manual with clutch in settings) no clutch. It’s marked as “EBRAKE” on the clutch pedal, but it’s just a typo - The pedal is still working as clutch
  • Still excisting clutch-problem from FM6 - Quick shifting on manual transmission with clutch make the car mis-shift.

General Feedback:

  • Force feedback behaves opposite - loose when on tarmac, tight on gravel. Would be perfect to switch this
  • Despite having buttons on the wheel that perform same actions, there is no horn button available on the Thrustmaster Wheels - Which A LOT of players are using.
  • Playground, this cockpit view - Let’s make it adjustable. I Would pay extra for adjustable seating, or the ability to just remove the wheel like Assetto Corsa… That pretty cool.
  • The cars feel a bit too slow. 60 MPH feels like 35. I don’t have speed blindness, this was still my opinion after cruising for 30 mins at 60 MPH :slight_smile:

I have more things, which i will post when i come across them.

Feel free to express yourself, but keep the professionalism - It’s a game, which they put A LOT of work into. Minor fixes would make it incredible!

Let’s hope they read the threat and fix some issues with day 1 patch. Peace.