We need old freeroam lobbies back

In my opinion dynamic lobby system in fh5 fails in just every aspect. Since it was introduced in fh5, online freeroam is not fun anymore. I can’t see players on the map, also they are randomly disappearing. There were at least 60 people in fh4, when in fh5 I can’t count more than 20 players. The map feels empty compared to previous games. Dynamic lobby also causes network stuttering, because other player’s assets are streamed, but not loaded at once like in previous forza games.

And what are your thoughts on the lobby system?


Imho it would be hard to find people who think its better than in FH4…

never saw more than a handful around me and never more than 12 on the map

when FH4 was released to do the arcadeevents with 20-30 people was realy nice…
and the spontaneous freeroam highway races in FH4 will never happen in FH5

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I prefer FH4 where I could open map and see where players were and what they were doing and join them. I haven’t done this once in FH5 because I well can’t. So I just play my single player multiplayer game.


I still get some people who do that occasionally.

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is it still alot of people playing FH4 tho ? … maby go back. i cant agree more with what your saying…
i have 600/600 Fiber net and its barely Anyone on the map Ever for me… played since launch.its not our Own connection atleast. really miss the FH4/3/ lobbies… tons of people everywhere. was such a great community…


FH3 online lobbies > FH4 and FH5 lobbies

Was a choice as opposed to passively forced on you, so people actually wanted to group up and do stuff together.

Also meant that they put actual effort into the single player experience, unlike now where they actively punish it in order to funnel you into online modes to push metrics so some high end exec can fake justifying their salary to some completely out of touch board of directors.

Also the online lobby actually worked, unlike 4 and now 5.

Explain more for those of us like me who unfortunately never played FH3

Online freeroam was a game mode that you had to enter from the menus. It wasn’t the default game mode. There was also a car meet game mode where you could go and just hang out and show off your car or form convoys in order to enter freeroam or other game modes together.

Single player was the default game mode. It worked similar to how offline does now except content was purpose built for the mode. The easiest example being custom championships, but the whole shtick with 3 was you were the horizon boss who got to set up and organize everything.

Now we have this homogeneous game mode where the strengths of both modes are compromised. Single player has regressed in both breadth and functionality, and multiplayer has regressed due to being a mixing pot of both solo and multiplayer people and also due to the fact that it just plain doesn’t work.

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I agree with the map feeling empty. You have no idea where there is a good amount of people driving about unless you happen upon it while driving or you guess where there might be a good group of people and drive/fast travel there. Sure bet to find people at the main festival site. Hit or miss around the stadium.

If the commuity was there it’d be cool to have a forum covoy with a party one could join.

But yes. Lobbies. :+1: