We need more unicorn cars like we had in FM4 ie... The Top Secret Supra etc.......

I miss the concept of Forza 4, like tag on tracks or different areas not the same old test track we had before, clubs in the Motorsport series. I feel as tho Forza are going backwards in a big way :frowning:

We definitely do not need more unicorns.

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I also don’t think we need more unicorn cars per se or cars to be branded as unicorn cars and only unlockable via this or that. However those tuned cars like the Top Secret Supra, the Time Attack Evo and (here’s one for the Forza vets) the Do-Luck NSX or the performance/aero parts and upgrades would be a welcome addition back to the franchise for me personally. That’s one for the wishlist though haha.


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