We need more excitement in endurance races

Isn’t the whole point of endurance racing to test the endurance of both the car and driver. I’ve done a few of these races so far and they do test my endurance but it’s more tedious than anything. I’d like to see engine parts failing, tires that blow out if get too worn, mandatory or stops to switch out drivers, and give me a fing trophy and a bottle of champagne at the end.

And if we’re required to come in first then increase the credit payout or give us a free car… we did just race two or three hours.

There you have a point.
Maybe it is a litle to clean.

Dont complain about things, fix them.

This guys found a way to inject a bit of excitement into his endurance races

Still nodding off at the wheel or looking for a but more excitement ?

try not feeding your ferret for 3 days

One of those guys where a hungry, annoyed ferret in your pants still leaves you looking for the edge ?

fear not, cause popular online shop “Chainsaws for Ferrets” has you covered


If it is boring for you just increase the difficulty, add dare mods and/or pick a slower car.
Add mandatory stops? You have to make at least 1 pitstop on every endurance race.
More credits? Add % cr mods

All very true, although the likes of you can decimate the Drivatars no matter what!

If anyone wants to make endurance racing more interesting, there are community ran sites and championships and some of them do endurance races or are wholly devoted to them. Many will have heard of TORA, they always run very good endurance series.

Add +1 second shift delay mod?

Just run out of corners in like 4th haha! :wink:

That is a good one though, I couldn’t put up with it for that long though. I haven’t seen that mod yet either.

everything you asked for is in fm1.

I may try the ferret… it sounds promising

Take a day off and then tomorrow take your Ferrari 250 GT for a spin and crash it through a window after you have taken it for a test drive.