We Need Lobby Points

Why is it that there is still no lobby points system in this game, almost exactly 9 months on from the release of this game? It makes grid starts almost completely impossible. As far as I can tell there is no legitimate reason for it, but I’m all ears for a reason. League racing has become rolling starts only. Whilst that’s not the worst thing, it’s not correct and it ruins it.

I wonder why they took out lobby points? I see no point in it. Definitely makes grid positioning harder/chore for League Racing.

There’s always Project Cars in November. Pretty much everything that people point out missing/wrong with FM5, will be in Project Cars & some.

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I would post there, but it’s so many pages of stuff it would be buried.

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This shouldn’t have to be in a wish list… should just be in the game.

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Absolutely this. Whilst I understand they were rushed, but still 9 months on is a bit of a joke.