We Need Blueprint Drift Races

If we had this I would keep coming back to the game endlessly. I love drifting and it is mostly what I do in game but it is getting to be very boring now because there has been nothing new for drifting since release. Why we are unable to create custom drift races makes no sense at all.

I don’t need them, as I’m not a fan of drifting.

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I suppose you don’t play Halo so we don’t need Halo. Anything else we should get rid of?

In case you didn’t notice I said “I don’t need drifting” unlike the op who siad “we” and I also didn’t say anything about getting rid of anything.

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No, Halo never belonged in this game, either. Yet another example of Horizon trying to appeal to everyone, rather than staying true to itself.

I purposefully avoided those activities in Horizon.

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You can blueprint a race facing no drivatars, or one where points factor into the win. It’s very possible to do a drift race with the tools the game gives you, just not with drivatars.