We need a balance

When are we going to get a balanced gameplay im tired of struggling through the crappy missions just to unlock cars and the damn high difficult level just to get cars the forzathon events need to feel like their for everyone not just highly skilled players and i think no matter what you shld be able to just get any of those cars through the Auction house if players have the money just let them buy the cars let the players who want to unlock them have at it but for the players who aren’t about the diffcult racing give them a chance im just saying and i want to hear if others feel the same because they need to know everyone shld have the gameplay experience their looking for.

They have reduced it to highly skilled from expert which is quite easy to beat already
Highly skilled is almost beginners in previous games
It is almost just participation rewards level now
You can get the 50% required for the “new” cars without even completing those races…

Qualifying for ranked is just participation…you dont need to win…just complete
PR events are reasonably easy too…just use the right car/s

Soon people will be demanding rewards for just turning the game on…oh hang on i think they already get them


Highly skilled IS a balance between beginner and unbeatable. Unfortunately you are not looking for balanced, but rather for a complete reduction to beginner.

As Talby71 stated, highly skilled is very nearly the level of beginner in earlier games.


I’m pretty sure you can buy whatever car is up for auction already, unless it’s dlc that you don’t own.


No you can’t. Frankly I don’t even bother with this nonsense unless it’s a really special car because it’s not fun at all, it’s just a grind. Took me 4 hours of doing things I wouldn’t normally do to get that Maserati… It’s just not fun at all. And when you rely on teammates for the multiplayer vs AI challengers it’s frustrating if you get matched with people who don’t care or are terrible.

You can if it’s available which the rare cars almost never are.

You can get 50% this way…

The 3 Championship races
The PR Stunts
and some daily challenges

A couple of hours maybe?

Anyway it’s quite easy if you spread it out over a few days. I usually do them all in a day.

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You can get 50% without doing the 3 seasonal championships…do the qualifying for ranked instead…you dont need to win…just compete which is perfect for people who dont like a challenge or are too slow to beat highly skilled…its just participation
Its worth 18% for the whole 4 weeks…not just weekly as well

Except you’ll need a PC and a script apparently to buy rare cars in the 0.2 of a second they last in the Auction House.

I wish they would add a cool-off period between AH searches, even if it’s just to limit the number of searches per minute/hour/day. Even a generous limit would cripple the scripts somewhat, e.g. 2-3 searches per minute, 100 searches per hour, 500 per day, etc.

You just need to get quick with the Y+down+A+A button timing. Time it before the picture of the car even loads. People are usually waiting too long to hit the button combination. Practice the timing with a friend using normal cars. You need to be spamming Y continuously as soon as you see the white tile of the auction car and once the menu pops up you need to already be hitting down+A+A before any of the buttons of the menu screen are even visible. Sniping with an Xbox controller is an art form in itself and also requires a lot of luck to have timed your search perfectly to beat out the other 200+ snipers (and the actual intended buyer) trying to get the same exact car at the same exact moment. Sniping is basically 95% luck and 5% button mashing speed, but even if you have all the luck in the world, if you can’t mash those buttons fast enough to complete the last 5% of the equation… you are doomed. I can’t tell you how many times I have been beaten to a buyout by people (typically just a handful of snipers that basically just search the AH for what seems like all day long, and I have verified by going to their profiles and checking their screen captures that they are also on an Xbox Console because for some reason AH snipers love to post screenshots of their snipes). Xbox also lets you know who is on PC because it puts a little computer icon next to their activity now. For what it is worth, I definitely get beat to a buyout by more console users than PC users.

Go to a video from 7 days ago as of (5/23/19) of a user sniping a Hudson Hornet (using console), you will see just how fast you need to be, you can barely see any images or buttons load and he is already just hitting the button sequence by muscle memory. The Xbox Club Ultimate Forza Flexers basically all they do is snipe the AH: Sign in to your Microsoft account

Also keep in mind that there are certain tricks and combination of searches (year, make, country, max buyout, etc.) that cast a bigger net of bringing up multiple exclusive only cars (kind of like just searching by Hot Wheels rather than looking for a specific Bone Shaker) which increases a Snipers efficiency at hunting for exclusive cars.

Snipers also hate Legendary Tuners and Painters, because the 20M CR buyouts sometimes screw them over because they either don’t have enough CR or they didn’t want to spend 20M CR on their target, but end up accidentally doing so.


I’ve won some single cars… A Crown Vic, and some rare FE’s.

Maybe you could try practicing and get better over time. Maybe you would feel a sense of accomplishment. If you had everything handed to you, you’d be back here in a week complaining that the game is boring and there’s nothing left to do.


In 2015 I’ve pre-ordered Dirt Rally.
I gave up after a few weeks trying to get used to the really-damn-high difficult gameplay style.
Tried adjusting all the settings but still no wins.

But Horizon 4?
Man… just give up and go play something else.
Or forget about the cars.
Be happy :slight_smile:

But PLEASE, don’t play Team Events. You guys just RUIN the match with “DNF” scores, pushing down the rest of the team.



Scripts don’t do what people seem to think they do. The big advantage would be that they are running all of the time, they aren’t appreciably faster than a human.