WE have a place on here for wheel settings?

just got a clubsport wheelbase v2, just wondering if there is a place we have a collection of wheel settings

Sticky in the FM6 forum

Fanatec wheels have various settings to adjust on the wheel itself, this thread doesn’t cover that unless its buried within the 40 some of pages of it.

Correct me if I am wrong, but those settings dont work on forza do they? Those are for pc if im thinking correctly. Similar to the thrustmaster control panel that is usable on pc but has no effect on xbox.

No they should work the adjustments are built straight into the firmware itself and adjustable with various wheel controls just like my old Fanatec CSR, it was actually a major selling point for fanatec wheels on the ps3 because gt5/6 have force feedback wobble that simply cannot be turned off with a logitech wheel, but the Fanatecs let you tune in a tiny amount of deadzone in the FFB.

So unless something is drasticly new with the xbo firmware that somehow disables/over rides it should still work, id be lying to say ive played with it yet though. I haven’t had the wheel long.

You asked for ‘a place’ and this is the place !

And YES this thread has multiple recommended settings and even videos for your CSW v2.

Feel free to use the search function …

edit: and maybe you find some usefull tips inside the hardware sub-forum.


But you need to find ‘your’ favorite settings anyway by yourself.

You may be correct, which is almost exactly the same reason thrustmaster added in on wheel dor settings, sensitivity settings. It was to adjust on the fly games that didnt have adjustments for these and didnt autoadjust (forza), Where these settings are not necessary on games like pcars because the game sets the dor based on the car.

I always use google or youtube to help find suggestions for wheel setups. The links in google will take you to other forums are bring you directly back to Forza 6 Forums. When you search try to be specific about what you are trying to find about your wheel. Keep in mind you will come across a lot of information that will frustrate you but always good to know for future trouble shooting. Then again I use Thrustmaster so maybe the info was alot easier to come across.