We can no longer choose a lower class in a solo event if it has a class restriction

It used to be a great flexible option to race in a lower class to the posted class restriction on a solo event. The AI would adjust to match your car and you had a lot more flexibility on vehicle selection and avoid unnecessary re-tunes.

Silently, that flexibility was removed in the last update. Basically the nature of the solo game in this game has changed, rather dramatically in my opinion.

Can we get an response and explanation from the devs on this?


Nothing has changed. Races can be, for instance, B700 or they can be 100-700. Totally different restrictions that have both been used in the past, and will probably both be used in the future.

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I cannot think of a time in the past where they were locked. If there was, it was very early on. The flexible system made it quite enjoyable in their ability to race how you wanted. I could not fathom a reason to intentionally lock that out.

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I seem to recall it being that strict in some Seasonal events, but never for general solo events.

Before the last update a seasonal solo event posted A800 you could select C class car, it would totally let you do that. Now, if a event is post A800 you’re forced into A class at minimum.

The only time I see 100-700 or the like is for playground or co-op seasonal events. Since launch we’ve had seasonal solo events that dictate a class but you’ve always been able to run lower classes if you wanted until the most recent update.

Look again, there’s one this season that’s 100-600. Look at the posts here about previous seasons, specifying restrictions like that is common.

Yes, but what I’m saying is that an event that does NOT say 100-600, for example it simply says C600, used to let you pick a D class car.

The first few series specified a precise class requirement, then they converted to the ranged approach. Now we’re seeing recycled seasonal events you’re seeing a mix of these approaches depending on when it’s been recycled from.

This week we have the recycled Mosler trial. Back in the days the Mosler trial was PI 100-998, now it is restricted to S2 (I have a couple of S1 tunes for it that are useless now).

I wouldn’t know about Trials. Don’t touch them myself. The championships seem to align with what I remember though.

To be honest I was surprised to see some events without the ranged approach. I would’ve preferred to see that concept across the board.

Why not just blueprint?

You can’t use blueprint for the solo seasonal challenges.