Wayne Tomlinson Tunes Nissan R34 GTR Kabuki Abgraphics Finished

Ok chaps I’ve had sometime away from FM5 and I’m getting back into it with some C class lobby cars. I’m hoping to keep on the tuning band wagon ready for project cars so I have these tunes up for anyone interested, and I’d like to thank you all for your time and feedback on these :wink:

Tunes shared are all C class at the moment as that’s what I run they are:

Ford sirerra cosworth tuned for medium/long tracks

Ford escort cosworth for Prague/Bugatti

Holden HSV GTS tuned for Nordschleife

Mitsubishi Evo 8 MR general all round car but hooks up nice on spa and silverstone GP

Aston Martin DB5 great round long beach full and short

Dodge Super Bee for road Atlanta and Indianapolis

Subaru STI "11 RWD Great round most medium/long tracks

Toyota Supra again great round medium/long tracks

Vauxhall Astra 1.6 tech line tuned for long tracks

BMW E46 M3 grest long track car

Alfa Romeo Giulietta running great times round spa mid 2.41’s maybe faster with quicker people :wink: Also on second lap of silverstone hit a low 2.22.3 so I’m a happy man lol

Thanks again folks :wink:

Two more tunes guys

Alfa Romeo SZ C500 Sebring Club

Mazda RX-7 Short/medium tracks

Couple more tunes guys they are

GMC Vandura tuned for long beach full/Short hitting 1.32’s on long and 59/8 on short

Ford Eacort RS1800 for TopGear full

Finished two more shared guys

Subaru STI 05 tuned for Silverstone 2.22.0 on GP and 1.12.8 on international circuit, great all round car too

Feedback always welcome thanks again :wink:

Good to see you back to Forza mate. I’ll have a go with some of these, they seem like they could be some fun.

Cheers, Ace

Thanks mate hope you like them :wink:

Will grab a few tonight mate.
Must watch out for other racers when in the van leading the pack! :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha funny man that well annoyed me but I did get my win the other night. And I got my max tuning achievement so I’m down to 3 left and that’s career ones woop woop.

I should be sorted for FM6 providing logos transfer :wink:

Ciao, i’ll try some of those tunes for sure, in those days i want take FM5 again after many months…want to finish 2 cars and try something.

see you!

These tunes are really good mate! Painting and tuning to this high standard is a great achievement in itself!

Mr Punny your back come on mate and get painting I want some super taikyu cars lol

And also thank you for trying out my tunes hope you like them :wink:

Mr Chris thanks mate I know you have been running a lot of these when we race and for that I’m grateful, also painting is on hold for the moment as I’ve got the tuning bug :wink:

Finally got the nissan skyline finished its a c class RWD 5.7 V8 swap great all rounder and please remember to check out ABGRAPHICS Kabuki paint :wink:

Had a play with the another STI "11 for AB’s new paint that car is shared hitting 2.22.1 round silverstone GP and 1.12.7 round international circuit.

Please pick up ABGRAPHICS paint for this car as its stunning.

Also working on a 22B tuned for pretty much any short track capable of top 150 times on yas short I had a quick play earlier and put it top 200 so very happy with that.

Currently working on a 300SL too for Bugatti/ long beach short making mid 59’s there maybe more with abit of tweaking.

Thanks again :slight_smile: