Wayne Tomlinson Replica/Original Paints Skittles Mini Finished/ DHL Scirocco Finished

Ok fella’s things to know about me.

Name Wayne Tomlinson
Age 26
Location England (Nottingham)

My forza painting started way back on FM1 just basic stuff did not have live on that so it started mainly on FM2 once I saw what people can do it made me want to do the same I never would of thought of doing what I saw or where to start but I did get my first garage chance with SPOT Performance been at many since and just recently left pendulum to go freelance I love the series of games and hope to keep playing in the future so here are my FM5 paints below.

Toyota Supra JUN Akira Supra Replica (T10 Select)

Ford Sierra Cosworth Reyland Replica

BMW 2002 Turbo Fischer Technik Replica

Chrome Version My Own Personal Copy

Lotus Exige Britcar MSA British Endurance Championship Motorpoint Original (T10 Select)

Mini Cooper Peppa Pig Original For My Little Girl (T10 Select)

Mini Cooper 65’ HOONIGAN (For Fun)

Nissan GT-R R35 c2i Carbon Widebody Replica (T10 Select)

BMW M3 E92 08’ ice watch DTM Replica (T10 Select)

Chevrolet Camaro Formula Drift GoPro Tyler McQuarrie Replica (T10 Select)

Buick Regal GNX Days Of Thunder Mello Yello (Cole Trickle) Replica (T10 Select)
Movie Car

Buick Version

Caterham R500 Britcar MSA British Endurance Championship Centrum Original (T10 Select)

Subaru Impreza WRX STI 2014 Nur challenge Replica (T10 Select)

On Track

Nissan Skyline R34 GTR Sunline Racing Replica (T10 Select)

On Track/Posing

Just like to say I patched the shiny bits near mirror couldn’t see them in the booth lol

Audi S4 2013 DTM kopparberg Original

Honda Civic Go Pro Super Taikyu Original (T10 Select)

Renault 5 Turbo Kopparberg Mixed Fruit Original

Nissan R32 GTR Nismo YouTube British GT Replica/Original (T10 Select)

BMW M3 M Performance DTM Ice Watch Replica (T10 Select)

Ford Focus ST Airwaves BTCC 2014 Mat Jackson Replica (T10 Select)


Subaru BRZ JUN Replica (T10 Select)

Chevrolet Chevelle 454 Days Of Thunder City Chevrolet Cole Trickle Replica

Audi S3 Rob Holland BTCC 2014 Replica

Ford Focus ST '13 Crabbies Racing BTCC Jack Clarke Replica 2014

Mini Cooper '65 Skittles Original

VW Scirocco DHL Nurburgring 24hrs Original

So many WIPs at the min will have more soon thanks for looking :slight_smile:



EPIC paints mate!

Reserved (for comment when we see some pics hahaha :wink:

Anyone have an idea as to why im tier 6 on my phone yet on laptop im nothing plus my flickr I cant edit pic sizes to be able to post anyone help me on that also lol :slight_smile:

No clue about the tier stuff but no need to resize pics anymore. Site does it for you

I tried that mate it didn’t work had to nick these from FM Universe so how do you post from flickr now then im stuck if I cant figure that out lol :slight_smile:

Sorted was a temp glitch bloody thing lol noob moment over as for tier meh what ever :wink:

Great job mate! You know what I think of your paints already. I have to say that the Ice Watch Bimmer and the Jun Supra are my two favorites, but the Fischer Technik 2002 is a very close second. Amazing job all around, great stuff!

Thank you guys id also like to add I just spent forever on my FM4 livery thread uploading 90% of my paints so if you guys want a trip down memory lan feel free you may see something you haven’t seen before lol :0

Arent they switching the old forum off soon???

ps: Love the JUN & M3. Top job sir


Thank you bud and not sure I just clicked FM4 all has new layout so maybe not doesn’t matter if they do I just did for the people still into fm4 lol was intending on finishing my camaro but did that instead so it will have to wait till tomorrow :wink:

Never even realized!! Had saved space in FM5 catalogue for my old stuff. Just tagged so can get archive back that wont disappear!

That’s why it took me so long and I haven’t even done sigs or anything just typed it in with two pics I forgot about quite a few lol :wink:

Some great paints here mate. the supra,lotus and BMW my fav,s.

Thank you mate :slight_smile:

I knew Peppa pig would make a comeback! maybe time for a Doc McStuffins paint? lol!

Hahaha loving the peppa pig design, i’ve been racing the jun supra quite a bit in lobbies, it looks awesome and goes like stink (Y).

Thanks guys and yes peppa pig is back I just need a better tune on that then I can run the hell out of it and people will lose to peppa pig lol
Also I have won 4 out 4 livery comps well happy with that so if I need a fifth better pull something good up lol should get my camaro done today not been on since Monday lol :wink:

Ok im going to have a few hours on logos for this but here is what I have so far