Was the steering with a pad changed on PC?

I havnt played for some weeks and now have return for the expansion. But know it feels like the cars dont steering as easy as before. The new Monster Buggy from FI is nearly unsteerable

I know that some changes where mad for Wheels but was the pad steering also changed or is it just in my head ?

Simulation / ABS on / Traction on / everything other off

same Feeling TERRIBLE !!! pls fast fix this i cant even enjoy the game

One user at reddit think the deadzones had been changed also for pad steering


Multiple users on reddit report the same problem

Yep, something has definitely changed. I noticed this the moment i booted up the game after the update. At first i thought i had HDR on (which adds imput lag on my tv) but it was off. The steering just seems sluggish and not as responsive as before the update.


Is it only different for Sim steering? That’s funny because I only stopped using sim in the last couple weeks.

Edit: It is entirely different.

Edit 2: I do like it more than normal steering. More responsive+still easy and doesn’t snap back, catching slides.

I can barely believe this right now.

If this is a sign of what’s to come, the next Forza game, at least from PG, will have an entirely different feel. Trophy trucks will finally have full travel. I’m trying to retune my cars, they have a real sense of weight and life to them now. Maybe it is even possible to momentum drift cleanly in sub-150hp cars with this?

There is something wrong 100 %

Some cars dindnt even seem to steer in. Tried the golf 3 and it handled like a tank on pc with sim driving

Please fix this or atleast aknowleged that something is wrong with pad steering on pc after last update. Game is no fun at sim steering right now

I don’t think it’s just the pad, I think it must be something else they’ve changed doing it - some of the RWD cars - Mclaren 720, Morgan 3 wheeler, etc - on a wheel have suddenly become almost undrivable too - you just can’t set off from a standstill without them shooting all over the place and spinning out - the first 4 gears are useless even feathering the throttle, the cars snap all over the place.

i have set the deadzone from 10 to 0 but it dindt help anything. Even if you oush the stick hard in one direction it seems that the car just dont want to steer all the way. I am crashing to walls on easy curves on FI because the cars dont steer probably

Since the new FFB has been in the works, the pad steering was due for an update. Normal steering seems to be the same as before, or I can’t tell. Sim steering is now deriving it’s final outputs from both the tires’s aligning moment (as it did before) AND the suspension’s aligning moment. This implementation, IMO, has been due since the dawn of the series. It’s not perfect, yet, and I expect the default setups will look a lot different in the next Forza games as everyone adjusts to a new, more natural pad steering implementation. And the game on the whole will get 2x better. Turn your dampers down to minimum and raise them only as high as you need to maintain control. Especially with anti-roll bars set to 1.00 each, you may find the sense of weight transfer, well, exists now, because the steering is listening more carefully to the weight of the car as well as the limits of the tires.

If you have a steering wheel you may recognize the old pad steering was rooted in “Minimum force”, where now, it has also an element of “Understeer”. I put enough time with a certain car on my wheel trying the different forces out to recognize it on pad nearly immediately.

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You’re crazy, I’m enjoying it so much. Going back to normal steering now feels like… just so bad. I can’t believe I ever put up with it.

edit: Make sure your dampers aren’t too high. I have a car right now with 603 and 864 springs, dampers at 5/7 rebound and 4/5.6 bump and it feels decent. The default. dampers choke the springs out entirely on the race setups. Again, that was because of how the old pad steering worked.

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still not fixed

It’s not broken, it was more broken before than it is now.

Absolutely agree, pad steering on PC seems to have gone from incremental to digital steering, meaning all or nothing

Seems perfectly fine to me, steering throttle and breaks feel as they normally do in a forza game on my end. I normally use a Thrustmaster T300 racing wheel, but I tested with my Xbox one control pad connected via bluetooth; and there was absolutely nothing wrong at all. Definitely no “on/off” feeling. I would suggest that those having issues on the PC check their device drivers, windows updates, and check to make sure they dont have anything else running that could be interfering with the control pad.

For reference, my PC specs:

MSI Z170 Krait gaming motherboard
Intel core i7 6700k
16gb Corsair vengeance DDR4 3000MHz
MSI gaming X 8G Nvidia Gforce GTX 1080 OC edition
Ugreen bluetooth 4.0 USB
Xbox one patrol tech controller

here we go Show us a drift Video xD
we say the drifting feels much more easier cause the car just want in the drift since this update…
but normal driving feels terrible and there is no Need to check pc Drivers [Mod Edit - Abbreviated profanity, profanity and profanity that is disguised but still alludes to the words are not permitted - D] ? XD

No body mentioned “drifting” in this thread in the same context as you just did, so drop the attitude. If you want to see normal driving with a control pad, then I will go and do that as well. It wont change anything. The steering/throttle/brake (the analog inputs), are working as they are supposed to; and how they do in any other forza title.

And of course there is a reason to check device drivers, they can impact how the system is running. A PC isnt a games console where everything is closed off and controlled by the company that makes said console, a PC is an open eco system. And new device drivers have to be installed by the end user. Hell, if you wanna get really fussy. Have you made sure your Xbox one controller (or whatever gamepad you use), have up to date firmware?

dude you just trash Talking you drive since 2018 how do you even know how other forza titles work lol
my pc changed Nothing it was directly AFTER the patch i was driving before 2 Hours so i was warm
there is a huge Change in handling with Controller on PC !!! and if you didnt notice it it just mean that you never was a good Driver lol
the steering feels absolute unreal now and when i steering just a Little bit Nothing happen and after this Little steering the car just steers close to complete left or Right this is absolute garbage
and im not the only one who notice this