Was the Ford GT in the Announcement Video from FM6?

I am confused. During the announcement of FM6, the little snippet of the new GT, is that from FM6 (rendered, I assume) or is that just some Ford showcase?

I’m not sure. If there was a video accompanying the original announcement of the Ford GT(as in, not the announcement of FM6, just the car) , that would be where to look. I just saw pictures of the GT so I don’t know.

There is this: Forza Motorsport 6 Announce Event - YouTube

That’s the video of the GT and some marketing by Ford and Turn 10. No word on whether or not the announcement video itself featured any FM6 footage. The lighting effects look beautiful if it’s from in-game. Some of the flat linings inside of the doors in the video and the brakes look a bit…fake. That’s what made me think that maybe it was from FM6.

Would be nice if anyone knew. Even if the GT in the video was a heavily rendered version of a car from FM6, it would be nice to have lighting like that during Forzavista.

In this video, at 0:43, It says “Ford GT footage Courtesy of Ford Motor Company”. So, I’d say that’s not from FM6.

It definitely looked Autovistaish, if that’s a word.