Was it worth pre-ordering the Ultimate Edition?

I pre-ordered the Ultimate Edition, but I’m just now receiving an Xbox One X in the mail sometime today, and I’ll be receiving a 4K TV with HDR sometime soon too. I’m just wondering if FH4 was worth pre-ordering the Ultimate Edition to receive everything? How does the first expansion, Fortune Island, measure up?

In my opinion this is actually the first time i think it is worth it. Expansions included in UE, new cars weekly, in general more things to do in FH4 than FH3 provided.

Fortune Island was fun for the time being, but there are no online matchmaking races as far as i know. You get 10 million credits for finishing the treasure hunt/fortune island story in general. Which i guess is a nice bonus. However if you like to drift, fortune island futures some great drifting roads as well as off-road parts, especially the off-road ring around the map can be very technical/challenging. All in all i think the ultimate edition for FH4 was worth it, but everyone got their own opinion obviously :slight_smile:

And I, on the other hand, think that this is the first time it was not worth it,

Having VIP gives no where near the benefits of earlier games.

The DLC cars have been the most underwhelming of all the Forza series for me.

Fortune Island has been fun, but I could have bought it separately.

So no, knowing what I know today, I would not have purchased the ultimate edition for FH4.


Base game is boring without championships and class based rivals.
Car pass had zero cars I care about.
Fortune Island is underwhelming but at least it isn’t Hot Wheels.

Pre-ordering Forza UE each year is the only gaming purchase I know I’ll be making but after removing what made Horizon fun for me and filling it with hipster rubbish I don’t see myself buying it again until I see the game for myself through Game Pass. If I had known the game was going to be as bad as it is I wouldn’t have wasted $130 on it.


Riiight cause FM5 was just great with it’s VIP and DLC.

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Operative words highlighted. Yes, I much preferred the DLC and VIP program in each and EVERY earlier Forza game, both FMS and FH over what we got in FH4. I never stated, nor meant to imply that this was the case for anyone else besides me.

I mean hey, if you enjoyed having to pay for an Impala SS 409 or the other standard cars then that’s your prerogative. I never stated you were talking for anyone else but yourself, soo thanks for highlighting the operative word? Straw man much?

yeah, its worth it

Big mistake since I don’t play the game because they took all the good stuff from previous games (class choice online and open rivals) away. Since those are the only things I ever enjoyed about these games it was for me an epic mistake.


In general: Never pre order anything! Why spend money on something you don’t know anything about?

If you only play single player than the game is ok. Not amazing by any means (bad AI, boring / cringy “story”).

If you focus on multiplayer, just don’t even bother. MP is completely broken and just frustrating and annoying (a lot of ramming, unbalanced cars, wall riding everywhere and “disciplines that don’t fit the car classes” also known as freeroam rush).

If you look through the forum you quickly realize why people are angry / disappointed about this game.


This was my first Forza Horizon game I have played and have thoroughly enjoyed it. I played the demo and loved it so I bought the Ultimate edition and not regretted it once. In fact it’s the only game I have been playing since the game came out!

I am very disappointed with Horizon 4 in general. I won’t pre-order another Forza game. I enjoyed it for the first 2 weeks, primarily because it was new. However, I have had to force myself to play the game over the past 2 months, just so I don’t feel like I wasted my money.

For me, this game just doesn’t have the same attraction that Horizon 1 and Horizon 3 have.

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It’s a bit late to be concerned with pre-ordering, but I’d say the Ultimate Edition was worth it. It’s the best Horizon so far. The car packs have all had something for me. And Fortune Island is pretty good, if a bit short - kinda made me want a Forza Rally game.

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Ultimate is always worth it when it comes to Horizon. After FM7 I may have to hold back on early access for those. Its a good game now but man it was so so bad the first few months

I Just got it a few weeks ago, so it was only $75, definitely worth it to me. Hadn’t had a FM title since FM4/FH1, didn’t want to come into an empty garage having left the others a billionaire :slight_smile:

Well I’ve done over 10,000 miles in the game so it can’t all be bad.

Multiplayer needs work so I don’t bother with it, however there is plenty of other things to do… van racing, old cars, weather, seasons etc… so you can reply the tracks for a different challenge.

As I see it, 3 options.

  1. Gamepass
  2. Gamepass + ultimate bundle
  3. Ultimate

If you want anything more than the base game, get either ultimate or the ultimate bundle as you get all the DLC, VIP isn’t as good a previous games but once you’re 10 or so hours in it’s quite easy to make credits.

If you want it mainly to play multiplayer then it’s a marmite experience.

I don’t usually post my opinion in threads like this because everybody has one and I don’t think my take on things is all that special and interesting, but to balance out all the negative opinions above, I’d like to add that at least for me the Ultimate Edition was absolutely worth it. Sure, I kind of miss championships, and I definitely miss class based rivals, but in a sandbox racing game (well, any kind of racing game) I can always find my own fun by choosing a track I like, a car class I like, and just testing a couple dozen cars/builds for a couple hours, without the need for the game to hold my hand and provide artificial challenges in the form of championships.

I’m more of a vintage/oddball car kind of guy with practically zero interest in modern supercars/hypercars, and I’m used to getting at most one or two cars I want to drive in a monthly car pack, and so far, the FH4 car pass was an absolute delight in that regard, with at least one cool car every two weeks. I understand that that’s exactly the reason why many others found the car pass disappointing, but for guys like me, it’s literally been a treasure trove…can’t wait for the SSK and the Transit.

In my opinion, Fortune Island was absolutely great, with tons of interesting tracks and beautiful scenery - and i seriously can’t understand why everyone keeps saying it’s too drift oriented. It has several great road tracks, with South Island Circuit and Kraken now being among my favorite FH4 tracks, and some of the rally tracks are pretty great, too…lately I’ve found myself spending most of my playing time on Fortune island and only returning to the mainland for the seasonal championships. Plus, the seasons make it seem more varied and larger than it actually is because we get to experience all the tracks in drastically different weather conditions. Before the game was released I was a bit wary of the enforced season system, but it really turned out quite interesting ans spiced things up a bit, and it works really well for making a relatively small map addon last longer by providing additional variation. I kind of liked Blizzard Mountain and loved some of its tracks, but it was a bit of a one-trick pony with snow and ice all the time and mostly offroad stuff, and I grew tired of that in a couple of weeks - so far, I don’t show any signs of growing tired of Fortune Island. At this rate, I don’t even care if the second expansion will be a repeat of the Hotwheels silliness with Scalextric tracks or something, because I already feel like I got my money’s worth.

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100% agree on all points!

Literally worst buy of my life. No single player content, multiplayer is the worst thing ever made in the gaming history. And when a month has passed since the release the game is suddenly available for free (not free actually but ~1.5$ for ultimate) in my region. I feel so sorry for all the guys who made this beatiful world and amazing car models. The game designers just deliberately made it complete garbage.

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If it such a bad game and complete garbage as you say why didnt you get a refund

Or maybe you have played a few hundred hours but just one of those that must complain about everything without giving any exact reason why

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