was it worth it turn 10?

let me start by saying forza is my life. i would have nothng to do if i didnt have it. lol. but i have a hard time enjoying playing it an xbox 360 period because of the new console comming out with fm5 in tow. about half my friends have gone to xbox1. a few came back. some went to ps3 or ps4 swearing off xbox compleatly. everyone has complained about what has been done to forza 5. i havnt played it. i cant afford it. want to really bad but yea i cant and wont spend that kinda money on it. sorry. ill get to the point… what was the point of breaking up all the people that could play together an were clubs. groups of guys an girls who had one thing in common. the love of forza the way it was. i think what has happened to the gaming comunity is redicules an im not the only one. im gona stay on forza 4 with or without the friendships the new console an new game catastrophy ruined. i know its microsofts say on when the console came but i blame turn 10 for the loss of so many to other things. in this world on money an greed that ruins everything good. my question to u all is… was it worth it? #what everyones thinking

I’m enjoying Forza 5, Xbox One & Thrustmaster TX Wheel. That’s my 2 cents.



I have probably made more friends in FM5 than I have done in FM4. In a way it has taken away the close knit groups and allowed people to work together to make the game. Every night I will be painting and then a couple of hours 3-5 of us go to the public lobbies each night. That never happened in FM4.

I’m still in a VERY active garage and a VERY active race team. Your points are invalid and your effort is minimal.

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I could care less about car clubs. I haven’t lost friends because I’m a loaner. Therefore, I’m enjoying the heck out of the best Forza yet imho. My 2 cents


Agreed. If people remove me over being on a different system than them, then they weren’t real friends anyway. That’s how I see it. I’m one of them people who will never have a full 1000 friends, don’t much care to either. Real friends, don’t care which system you’re on, Forza 5 is a good game, and one of a few so far that I use my X1 for. More time I spend on the console the less I could even care about the 360 and the more happy I am that it’s gone. I had 30+ games, of which I only played 2 or 3 at most anyway. I could say more but there’s simply no point in doing so, I’ll just keep my positivity going instead of focusing on the negative. the gods know I’ve had enough of that in my real life to be negative over a video game.

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English clearly isn’t your first language, and probably not even your tenth. In fact, it looks as though human speech in general isn’t your thing. My IQ has been slashed dramatically as a result of reading just a couple of your unintelligible, incoherent rants that were clearly typed by just smashing your face against your keyboard.

Do I miss clubs? Sure. It doesn’t change anything, though, and like others here I have more friends with FM5 than I did in FM4. It’s really no big issue at all. It’s just an excuse for ignorant trolling.

Regarding another user’s reference to “Micro$oft,” I would like to note that there’s no real difference between Microsoft and $ony from a business standpoint. $ony is all about the money just as much as is any other company, so we can knock it off with childishly plugging a dollar sign in there as though they’re somehow more money-grubbing than $ony or any other business. Yes, I plugged a dollar sign into the name of $ony because it fits just as well there.

get some manners first, no need to shout at us, how about using small caps?

Honestly, i dont get your point…Are you mad that FM5 has been released exclusively for XBOX ONE and not for the X360? Or is your rant about the obvious lack of content compared to FM4 and the fact that FM5 feels to be rushed?

If its the first, then get over it, this is how it works every time a next gen console gets released. Some features and improvements wouldnt have been possible with the last gen power of the X360 and you need to make a cut to the next gen at some point. If its the latter then hook up to one of the countless existing threads about how bad FM5 is compared to FM4, you will find enough peers with the same opinion like yours to have hour long discussions on how T10 has ripped us all of… (being sarcastic…)

I’ve logged more than 250 hours into FM5 by now and i enjoyed every single minute out of it (ok, apart from the crash-kids in MP lobbies, but thats an common issue with every race game), and the fact that T10 has released the great RoadAmerica track pack for free (!!), even though countless forum users stated in the track wishlist thread that they would pay 10+ USD to get RoadAmerica in FM5, should be enough prove that T10’s aim is not just getting as much money out of our pockets as possible. They could have made a fortune with this trackpack alone.

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How exactly is it T10’s fault? They are owned by micro$oft. If they tell T10 they want forza to be a launch title then that’s what T10 does… T10 only had 2 yrs to put this game together, much of that not even knowing what the full specs of the new console would be. It took them like 6 yrs to create all the content we had in fm4. We have about half of that content in fm5 completly recreated and remodeled for fm5. Seems to me they did a pretty good job with the time allotted (aside from the online features they decided to leave out that are forcing us to use public hoppers with all the dirty racers and trolls). As stated above this is a new console and what your describing happens every time a new console is released.

Definitely stop yelling, that’s just rude. But no I have not lost any friendships over the deal, we don’t have car clubs any more, but we still have private lobbies and that’s what we do. I do agree the game is lacking content, but the recent Road America update was a nice surprise, and the car packs, while lacking a lot of newer vehicles, are still adding depth and variety to the available cars list. I don’t mind paying for the car packs either, someone had to put their time, effort and talent into each car to build it and get the sounds and handling right, and to that person and to the company, all that is worth something, and let’s face it, a companies number one goal is to make money.

I would say play it first then form your own opinion.



I, for one, am enjoying F5 immensely. It is definitely better than FM4. Sure, there’s some content that I miss from the older title, but all the new capabilities more than makes up for it.

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I don’t completely agree with you that the new capabilities more than make up for the missing content. That said, I obviously love the game. I haven’t raced a single race on any other racing game since FM5 came out & I play FM5 pretty much daily.

of course it was worth it, the world moves on. The 360 was out for 8 years. The thing is CHEAP… It’s under $600 with tax and the game is 60 bucks… For the amount of hours I will use it, it’s probably the cheapest entertainment device any of us will ever own. If $660 is out of your budget then it may be time to get a better job OR just deal with having the old console. The entire world isn’t going to stop just so we can all play with you on 8 year old system.


Eh. There is a whole long list of things that I think could be different, wish were included, etc. It is a rushed release day game on a console that itself is still not near the limit of its functionality.

It’s still a good game and I appreciate that T10 has continued to show their commitment to the “hardcore” fan base and improving the franchise itself.

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Like Woozie asked, are you upset T10 and Microsoft didn’t release FM5 for the 360? If so, then there is a valid point as to why they didn’t and that’s because the Drivatar system wouldn’t have been possible on the 360. If that’s not why you’re upset, then how’s it T10’s and Microsoft’s fault that you can’t and won’t pay for an Xbox One and FM5? There’s still a huge community on FM4 and I’m you could make plenty of new friends there to race with. As for FM5, I’ve made more friends on there than I have in any of the previous games. Yes, it’s sad the community has to be divided between old and new gen, but what did you want MS to do. Hold back on releasing the Xbox One for another 5 years?

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All I have to say is good bye wish not to see you on this forum ever again contributing to the FM5 community if you hate the game so much and feel like you have been let down and ripped off there is no need for you to come to the fm5 side of the forums ever again .


I can honestly say I have added more people from this game than any other Forza game. Whenever a game comes out that is based off of past titles and something is missing that was in the last it’s easy to say it’s rushed. In fact it’s not. Maybe they didn’t want that stuff for a reason? Either way it was public information of what was and was not in the game. We all had the option to pay for it or not. I don’t see where the problem is, no one made anyone here buy this game.


It’s not so bad…

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Practice makes perfect

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The only friends I have “lost” were those who went off to Sony thinking that they were somehow owed something and that Microsoft didn’t give it to them.

Oh, hang on - no I didn’t lose any friends, because the ones in my list weren’t that shallow and have either moved onto Xbox One or stayed with 360.

I can honestly say I’ve not enjoyed my gaming more in there last few years and each week I am actively playing FM4 and FM5 amongst other games. Just because a new system comes out doesn’t mean you abandon your friends, you just continue to play what you want with the friends who also want to play the same games. More fun for everyone.

FM5 is great. Not perfect, but still great. If you don’t want to or can’t experience it, fair enough, but that isn’t Turn10 or anyone else on here’s fault.

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