Was banned twice for same UGC. Unshared/Deleted the UGC

So why am I slapped for a 30 day ban after my 5 day was up. I played Monday and removed the UGC.

Double Jeopardy


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This sounds like they are not clearing the report list after addressing the issue. Any reports filed AFTER the issue has been addressed (even poorly) by them, should be automatically deleted from the mods action queue. It’s an insanely easy thing to implement on their side. Also, if they don’t like the content, they should be the ones to remove it. Leaving it there, for others to report while you’re gone, is just idiotic in the extreme.

I’d suggest that anyone getting hit with this nonsense make a huge noise on Twitter. On here it’s only people who already own the game, or are members of the community who see it, and so it’s easy for M$/PGG/T10 to control the situation. It’s utterly impossible for them to control the message on Twitter, however, especially if you use their hashtags. Don’t be a clown about it and start making silly threats like I’ve seen some users here do, but just be insistent about it. Try to find others with the same issue. Be impossible to ignore; It’s the only way it’ll get fixed.

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Looks like I’ll have to make a Twitter account. I may call Xbox support but I doubt that will do anything except waste my time.

I was planning on making a vinyl for the C8 Corvette to celebrate my 6 years working for GM @ Corvette but I don’t even want to play the game anymore after all this. I’ve put 100’s of hours into the past Forzas without an issue.

Xbox Support will just redirect you back to Turn 10 Support…half the time Xbox/Microsoft Support redirect people to the Microsoft forum for support, which is a forum populted by people who have no accounts access.

The Xbox Support Twitter is active, albeit they give copy/paste responses:


You’re making some assumptions here that go against what the enforcement guidelines say will happen without any proof. It’s hard to come to any real explanations of what happens in some cases as we never have access to all the facts of the situations.

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At least the ban hammer works swiftly. Put those guys in the broken dreck

Probably why nothing is getting fixed. Seems like they have 99% of the staff working on handing out bans for the most ridiculous things possible.

12 million players, and the ability to target an ban AAAALLLLL these people at the drop of a hat for basically nothing? How? Almost makes me feel like they have some automated ban AI that’s just as bad as the drivatar AI.


The bans are way too strict when it comes to designs, but I’ve seen people trying to publish risqué designs and not understanding why they get banned afterwards.

I would say that plenty of people even assumings that there is nothing wrong with their designs/or they would be perfectly acceptable are getting banned, and having no clue why, because they LEGITIMATELY didn’t post anything offensive.

Honestly, I feel like PG are the ones with their heads in the gutter, because they can somehow find offense in the most mundane of things, where most people wouldn’t understand how/why something is even offensive, without proper context. I have spoken with people using a persons initials and birthday on their plate, that have been banned because it’s somehow offensive, when they don’t even know the context in how it could be taken offensively, or meant it in that way. Likewise, there are certain abbreviations and numbers that can be used innocently, or in an offensive way, but PG automatically assumes the intent of the person using them.

Something like 420 is a perfect example. In the end, it is LITERALLY just a number, the one between 419 and 421, or the answer to 205+215, someone’s birth date, or even just a normal racing number. However, they can ban you for straight up JUST HAVING A NUMBER and nothing else on your plate/car.

With how they hand out bans, you’d thinks this game was designed for 5 year olds, and even then it’s overly strict. They wanna act all high an mighty, and above all that, when their game depicts street racing, which is ACTUALLY illegal, and highly dangerous.

Beyond all the bugs and issues, I feel like this is another turn off for players, because they always have to tread lightly, an never make any designs for fear of it might somehow get them banned for some “dog whistle” they don’t even know/understand, losing access to something they paid for, and not allowing them to fully enjoy the game. With how easily people get offended these days, it’s like walking through a field of landmines, hoping you don’t make a design that has some unknown secondary/hidden meaning, or just rubs some random person the wrong way for whatever reason.


I totally agree with your opinion. We are like walking on thin ice right now without a clue.

I saw a story on reddit about a guy who got banned for 7 days for painting his friends name “Brandon”.
The reddit users speculated that they had determined that this “Brandon” was some sort of derogatory political slogan called “Let’s Go Brandon” and that this was why the guy was banned.

I can certainly understand why. But isn’t this reaction excessive?
I actually saw the livery on reddit, and there were no stars and stripes or any other elements in this livery that reminded me of the aforementioned derogatory slogan.

And above all, this uproar is a clear indication of the ban by the current Forza enforcement team. “All doubters will be punished.”

I’m not saying I approve of racist or derogatory livery. I’ve seen many livery with too much horrible language in online freerooms and creative hubs. That is something that should be banned.
But their current approach is excessive and punishes even those who clearly do not deserve it.
And the fact that they are all judged by the rules in the US is frightening to a non-American like me.
It is very difficult for non-Americans living outside the US to keep up with the latest political developments in the US and to know all the derogatory slang and slogans.
But not doing so creates the risk of being banned like Brandon mentioned above.

Since MS/T10 is located in the US, it is understandable that US rules take precedence.
But Forza is now a title that is sold all over the world. I hope the enforcement team understands that not all players are familiar with the political situation in the US.


Microsoft is investing heavily on representation, but their community policies and game making is very (white) American-centric still. 420 means nothing to me, I’m not American and couldn’t care less.

Spoiler: it was!

That’s why I’m hoping TDU Solar Crown or even the new NFS turn out fine.

I think a remedy is to make clear rules with examples. I know the Xbox has its TOS and the game itself does to, but, when it comes to designs, all we know is a banlist of some controversial symbols and the general enforcement against “immoral” and “illegal” things. Not treating us as criminals should we incur in violation would be a start too.

There were people doing bad things on Xbox for a really long time and Microsoft only acted against them when it blew out of proportion and began hurting the brand as a whole. These people still exist, still have their gamertags with everything intact and still spew their hate elsewhere. Compared to them, a risqué design is very little.


So, if just “Brandon” is bannable, shouldn’t “Let’s iGo!” be bannable too? PGG needs to ban themselves.


its really funny how many people believe the “i did nothing” statement around here … gullible and naïve comes to mind!

you do something to try and avoid the rules and claim it was not what was intended is no excuse.

you know what your doing and your here to get a sympathy vote … and sadly some sheeple are giving you just that!

I am so glad the ban hammer is coming down!

in the end … if your in a country, at your job or even a video game makers world there are rules you have to follow.
if you dont like the rules then just leave!