Warning to Forza. Message in the staff

This message is addressed to Forza6 staff. My gamertag is ClubMarchand233 . [Mod Edit - do not post email addresses - MM]

I am a French player . I 'm 31 and I play Forza for barely two months .
Today I found a notice informing me that my gamertag is excluded.

I sometimes play after work . I do not think harm others during my sales game , so I can only assume that this is an error on your part.

I also demands that you lift this unjustified sanction as soon as possible.

Moreover , knowing that I pay a service that has become forbidden me , I suffered an injury

Thus you are authorized to imagine a way of compensating me.

You will understand that this way of making is unacceptable.
Thus I shall ask you to justify your acts and to remedy it

The error is all on your part for violating the Xbox Live Code of Conduct with unsportsmanlike behavior in online races where you repeatedly crashed other players, including waiting by the side of the track to wreck players a lap or more ahead of you. Those actions are unjustified on your part and shall not be tolerated. This is a first-time ban of seven days (168 hours) as imposed by employees of Turn 10 for the illegitimate actions.

Neither bans nor the enforcement by Turn 10 are discussed on these forums. You may send an email - threats or asking for compensation for your own actions are unacceptable - to them at forzafb@microsoft.com.