Wanting to get a steering wheel?

Hi everyone

Could people please link me to some steering wheels which are compatible for the Xbox one?

There are currently 3 options available. All 3 can be found on Amazon.com (in the United States) Thurstmaster makes the “TX” and the “458 Spider”. Madcatz has the “Pro Racing” wheel.

with the 458 Spider can you add the gear stick? im looking for one that had the gear stick as well

No, I’m pretty sure the Spider is not compatible with the shifter or 3 pedal setup. I don’t think it has the inputs for then. The Madcatz doesn’t either but might in the future. Currently only the TX has a shifter available on the market. The shifter, TH8A, and the pedals, T3PA, are also on Amazon.

Thankyou very much im going to buy the tx one i think