Wanted: Ford Crown Victoria

I am wanting to buy the elusive Ford Crown Victoria. But as soon as I see one listed on the auction site it is gone before I can even click on it to bid… So I am at a loss so I currently have 4 million credits in game and hope this is enough to get one. I only paid 2k in RL to get my crown vic… Anyone willing to part with one that would be awesome!

I have a few. Hit me up later tonight (11pm GMT+5 - eastern US) if you can and I’ll sell you one for 3M.

GT Orbital1

I am interested. Sent message in game. Thank you. See you online at 11pm eastern. I’m eastern as well :slight_smile:

I am wanting to buy a Crown Victoria police interceptor. The amount of money i have is around 600,000. hit me up if anyone can let me buy one

I don’t mean to come off rude or anything, but you do know the Crown Vic is in the AH just about all day long, right? I’m just saying, at least when I look their are generally 20 or so every time.

This post is 7 months old… crown vic wasn’t flooded on the AH till like 2 months ago

I am selling the crown Victoria if any one wants very cheap