Want your livery seen?

This is purely for those who have the passion for one offs.
The car F6 Viper Throwdown 180*/195*+ reverse entries. - YouTube 13 / viper
Looking for 3 designs from 3 different people, I will alternate them throughout filming during style driving such as Forza 3 Snakebite legendary control? - YouTube / tandem / instructional / public usage.
Most of my time is spent in public rwd drift lobby, not just for the points but just to play with lots of other people, that’s also a lot of other people that could see your design. This car wins 99% of the time by pretty big margins. If you are creative and want to get your designs out there this is the perfect time.

I name my cars and put it somewhere on the body, its a ritual as well my GT which I’ve been doing from Forza 1.


-My Gametag somewhere.
-Your signature somewhere but smaller.
-Cars name on the rear this ones dubbed SANDMAN < not related to Metallica.
-Make it something special, no anime or NASCAR style that’s just way overused.

I will promote your designs on my videos and the obvious in lobbies and games people will see who did the livery in game & lobbies.

If you want to part take, msg in game if you have questions or would like to show me a design. I will not be looking back on this post.