Want a free FM5 season pass?!?!

If you want a chance to win a free Forza 5 Season Pass, head to Forza 5 Discussion page and check out the Top Gear Style Challenge thread, posted by CarbonCamaroSS.

He has put together a challenge that ends on the 11th July 14, with a one off prize of an FM5 Season pass.

I supplied the prize and we have both checked the code to ensure it works… IT DOES!!!

All challenge details and rules of entry are supplied in the post.

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Just a heads up, it would be cool if you could either post on this thread that you are doing the challenge ahead of time, or private message one us (CarbonCamaroSS or War Chief 2013) either on the forums or on Xbox Live so that we can get a rough estimate on if we should push the date back to the following Wednesday or not. If we can get at least 10 people by Thursday to confirm that they are doing the challenge, we won’t push it back. Otherwise, expect and prepare for a possible date change. This means, if possible, do not message us your tune/video link until you are 100% sure that it is the best that you can do. You may have a few extra days.


probably a good idea to either merge the threads or at least post a link to the original thread here.

Link added, thanks for the advice.

Keep it, the games crap. Good thought thou!