Wahts's wrong with me (or this drivatars)


What does feel real strange to me, the same class of Drivatars, I take out 15 seconds to 2nd place on a City track (Nizza Grande Sprint) - The just can’t corner at all … - On a Offrod Track, they are virtually perfect drivers and real hard to beat. Yes, I do drive in drivers view, what does make the offroad tracks more difficult (you have do drive often totally blind by bushes or wine fields). But they do race like on rails for this kind of races …

Sevetamry …

I don’t use right bumper to look back. I use it to change camera and often times change the view several times for the off road to help see better.

The difficulty with racing Drivatars in off road races is that the artificial intelligence generally knows where the immovable objects are and, as such, are programmed to avoid them for the most part. On the contrary, we human gamers cannot generally predict the locations of said objects, especially when we are unfamiliar with the circuit; thus, we are more prone to making mistakes while the Drivatars navigate the terrain with fewer troubles. It isn’t that they are “on rails”, the Drivatars just aren’t likely to make the same mistakes we do because they, for the most part, know the lay of the land.

Once you become more familiar with the circuits, you’ll be able to navigate the off road tracks better with an understanding of which lines you should not and cannot take.

Good old Rubber Band A.I. shows its ugly face in some events sadly. Makes me wonder why they even bothered with drivatars at all. This is my only complaint with the Horizon series.

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Good old Fashioned A.I. would also have this issue, it’s inherent to the nature of the A.I.

At least this way the AI somewhat reflects the behavior of the real person it is mimicking.

Old fashioned artificial intelligence is old fashioned. It was about time a racing game developer revolutionize single player gameplay. If you can’t beat the Drivatars … try, try again.

It has nothing to do with beating drivatars. Your racing against rubber band AI during cross country races, road trips, and during the final race its there big time. Forza 5 has a great drivatar system. Horizon you don’t really notice it.

Roller1986 speaks the truth. There’s no debating this issue. It’s not a matter of belief or opinion. It’s simply an observable fact that the AI drivers (I’m not even going to call them Drivatars here) utilize insane rubberbanding on point-to-point races; some more obvious than others with “cross country” being particularly obvious and the finale beats you in the face with it.

We’re not talking about rookies here. Roller and I are very experienced racers, including hardcore Forza veterans that you will typically find high on the leaderboards for anything with “Forza” in the title. I’ve spent probably a thousand hours with the franchise. I know what I’m doing, I know AI, and I know the difference between not being skilled enough or making mistakes and the AI cheating. The AI gains a huge performance boost, plain and simple. There’s no way my McLaren P1 is going to leave an AI Veneno twenty seconds behind me and then see him flying up behind me doing a good 40 MPH faster than me without massive rubberbanding. It’s not like I suddenly forget how to drive when I go from a circuit race to cross-country and then remember again when I move on to the next race.

You do realize that Forza 5 and Horizon 2 have the same drivatar system, right? It’s the handling model that is slightly different.

Personally, I have experienced this just a little bit but find it to be a non-issue. Perhaps it’s because the people you and IceMan speak of are amazing at Motorsport titles on the track and that is your forte. I find that on the cross country races I tend to do better against the AI than on other types of racing. In the road trip, I barely notice the AI, but that’s not really a race and so I go off and do my own thing en-route to the next hub.

I’m as bad at cross country events, I can compete against Pro drivatars on asphalt and gravel, but I really stinks at Cross Country events, I hate them :slight_smile:

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Glad to know its not just me. Racing against the rally all-stars is a real blow to my confidence but then I smoke them on asphalt.

I suspected that it was a question of insane rubberbanding, it’s a shame because it takes away much of the joy of playing the game.

I’ve not noticed the rubber banding at all either on or offroad except in road trips which isn’t really a race. I think there it’s just to keep the road trip feel as it keeps you all together.
During actual races i Can get ahead towards the 75% mark, and open the gap by the time i finish. That’s on highly skilled/pro Drivatars. Maybe it’s the settings you’re using? Or it’s different between 360 and One?

Rubberbanding? Not really.

I have a tough time beating Unbeatable Drivatars in my Career but the more I turn down the difficulty, the easier the game gets. On the lowest setting, I am even able to lap the cars in the back on a 3-lap circuit race.

You do realize your argument doesn’t sustain the non-presence of rubberbanding.

I have to drop down a level for the cross country races

Ditto … mainly, I suspect, because I don’t know the optimal path, because I drive with just the braking line. Street races are no problem, but cross-country events are my Achilles Heel. Once I learn the courses I expect to improve - just like Motorsport.


Awww, you ladies and your off-road driving… lol

That was a joke before you kill me for being mysogynist scum! lol (My wife’s a woman for example! And will slap me when she sees this…)

In Off-road it’s always best to adapt your driving style to turn in earlier for corners, and even brake earlier. It’s better to lose a bit of speed than overshoot completely and wind up in the trees! Also if you’re using cockpit view like me, learning the courses is essential. Looking out for the smoke can help, and following any paths cut through the bushes by Drivatars! The off-road races require more time to learn, but are more rewarding when you crush the opposition and cross the line backwards in a shower of leaves and tree stumps! lol

Yeah, there’s definitely a degree of rubberbanding though it doesn’t bother me much. It’s not like we’re talking Ridge Racer-esque rubberbanding where the guy in first place doesn’t even render until you’re 20 seconds from the end of the race…

Just because drivatars are the same doesn’t mean horizon doesn’t have rubber banding. I understand its there to makes races closer and more exciting but its adding a degree a fakeness i don’t care for. The better driver and better built car should be quicker. You can clearly get way out in front then with the magic of unicorn farts and rainbows the AI gets a jet engine strapped to there roof and is back on your bumper again.

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