vw type 2 bus in the autoshow ?

Someone told me that they bought the VW type 2 bus from the autoshow (not the speciality dealer). I know it was a speciality dealer car and before then it could be obtained from challenges. My question is was it ever available from just the normal autoshow?

I believe it should be available there since they made all the cars available there except for FE.

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Ah I see the question No it was not it only appeared in the Auto Dealer after Turn 10 release and unlocked all but the HE cars to the Auto Dealer till then was a SD car or Prize car only.

Why do I even try some times

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By “Auto Dealer” do you mean the speciality dealer ?

By “SD” he meant Specialty Dealer. By “Auto Dealer” he meant “Buy Car”, which has been labelled Autoshow in the past.

Since he mentions auto dealer and SD (specialty dealer) separately, I’m gonna go with no…

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To sum up for the OP:

The VW bus was previously only available through Specialty Dealer and as a reward for a Bounty Hunter Rivals event.

Since the July update, Turn 10 unlocked all locked cars except for FE vehicles and a couple unicorns. Since this update, the VW bus is now available in the Buy Cars menu.

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I just bought it from the auto show, so yes.

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