VW I.D.R Arrives who’s excited?

Turns out the IDR arrives in forza horizon 4 making its video game debut I’m so excited they added this wasn’t expecting this car at all other than that I thought GT sport would release this car but forza beat them to it :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck: what do u all think??


Car looks awesome. can’t wait to drive it. rear wing looks as wide as a car lane lol.


Im really stoked about this car. I was super not hopeful about it getting added to this game so it’s a big surprise for me.

I’m reeaaally anxious to play with the tuning. I’m expecting no drivetrain swap or gear tuning, so top speed stuck around 170mph (iirc that was its top speed at the Ring). That’s fine though, I don’t need another super height top speed car. The aero though… I’m gonna be nervous/cautiously optimistic about that till I have the car in game. Because it SHOULD have excellent aero, so hopefully in game we’ll be able to turn those downforce sliders up to 50,000,000 pounds and have a new Lat. G king.

But idk, I’ve seen them put some ‘interesting’ aero values are cars in this game, so we’ll see. crosses fingers for next two ish weeks

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I don’t know if anyone else has replied to you yet but the I.D.R has a stock top speed of between 150mph and 155mph. I tested this by creating a gauntlet drag race where only the Rimac and the I.D.R were allowed and I paced along side 5 of them in my Rimac. They all topped out just over 150mph. Not trying to correct you but just sharing some interesting information I discovered today.

Interesting! I hadn’t thought to test it out in game like that. 155mph is pretty slow but makes sense for pikes peak spec. I think that’s what VW predicted its top speed to be in that spec, actual run it got up to just around 135 though. Can’t wait to see if we’ll be able to adjust the gears to make it run the speeds it did at the ring.

Super excited for this car. I couldn’t believe it on the stream when they turned the season and the trial picture was the IDR, so cool.


I popped off in real life when it showed up on stream! Yes I’m excited.


A month ago I thought the last Porsche to be revealed was going to be the Taycan. When I found out the hard way that not only it’s the Macan Turbo, but that GT Sport is getting the Taycan Turbo S, that left a bad taste in my mouth.

But now that I know that we’re getting the fastest electric car, period, instead of the fastest four-door electric car, and I’m driving it in like ten days, Sony can have all the Taycans they want.

I have an immense, unreasonably long car wishlist and the ID. R was my single most desired car in it.

Forza Motorsport’s Twitter account had actually tweeted this car a few days ago, together with the 2020 Honqi S9, 2020 Audi AI:TRAIL quattro, and 2020 CUPRA ETCR:

I wanted to believe so bad, lol.

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While I’m curious for the car I don’t believe it’ll be any good. Starting at 998 with such a low top speed has to lead to an awful performance. It depends on two things:

  • can the gear ratio be altered? If not, this car is a write-off.
  • how far can we lower its aero value?

Seeing how the last electric car “performed” I don’t have high hopes.

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I think it’ll be slow on any course with enough straightish fast sections, but I think (hope) it’ll be awesome on the really twisty stuff.

When I saw the tweet babyseal posted, I thought probably no way we’re getting it, but if we do it’ll only be because it might be just slow enough top speed wise to squeeze in at 998.

But anyway it’ll probably only go around 270kmh/170mph, maybe a bit more with lowered aero, BUT it should get to that speed in a blink and be able to carry most of that speed through corners.

Plus; fastest at Pikes Peak and second fastest at Nürburgring, so it should be at least half decent.

0-100 km/h in 2.25
I can’t find data on the acceleration after that, but that should be insane too.

Hard to believe, it‘s a Volkswagen. :grin: But I‘ll take it.

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Looking forward to ringing this out on Needle Climb on Fortune Island!!


This car is not really my thing and I can’t see myself using it.


I’m always happy to see another forza fan get excited about a rare car they didn’t think would ever show up in game. I’m a massive fan of Skyline GT-R’s and was astounded when they added the R33 GT-R LM in Horizon 3, so cheers to you!

my fav in series 14

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Just hope it is no new tracktor or BS or S2 class killer … if performance is balanced compared to other cars then welcome

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Trials exclusive, so nope. If it ever comes around to Forzathon shop, then I’ll be interested.

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Did they say anything about what kinda trial it’ll be? My guess is either S2 and ridiculous, bc that seems to be a pretty consistent theme, or a VW’s trial which could be really good. I kinda love the idea of racing with a bunch of people in Beetles and Golfs who are all real real hungry for that new prize car…

Yep, they did. You can drive “anything you want, as long as it is S2 class”.

From the stream: Forza Horizon 4 | Update 14 Live Anniversary Stream - YouTube

Have to admit this killed my excitement as well, at least in the short term. Will look out for if it becomes obtainable in future seasons.