VW Golf R

Having played the demo I’ve noticed a couple of issues (not big but annoying), the golf R has blue interior lighting on the doors and correctly be seen in daylight when racing, however when racing in the dark there’s no blue lights? If anything these should be more visible in the night!

Also when done the race it just says “vw golf” and not “vw golf R” I know that’s not a big deal but it kind of is if they have the GTi ect

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Relax, it’s just a demo.

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It is but very unlikely to be different in the full game


This guy gets it.

Sadly, the GTI will likely not be in the game. The creators of this game have always favored the top-tier trim models of cars, even though they’re completely different from the predecessors. Take for example the SVT Cobra R, either the '93, '97 or the 2000’s gen. It would be cool to have a GT or even a regular Cobra of those years but they’re ruled out because of the rare versions of those cars which have completely different powerplants.

TL;DR Golf R on paper > GTI so no GTI

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I have to agree with their call on that. I would rather have drive the top tier models or rare versions if I have to choose only one. IT would appear that Turn 10 had to choose so went with the high end version which I would guess the majority of players would want to drive.

I would rather Turn 10 include the zr1 C6 vette instead of the standard c6 which has now been replaced.

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I’m not big into the Golf scene, but I would think the more synonymous of the two would be the GTI. Considering the following of the GTI’s I figured they would have numerous versions young and old.

I am in to the Golf scene, as I own a 2008 R32 (Mk V) in 1:1 scale. A couple of versions ago we had both the Mk V GTi as well as the R32. The Mk IV is still a very popular car, so I am not surprised we still have that car. What I am surprised in is that we got the Mk VI Golf R (2010 I believe) as well as the new Mk VII Golf R in Forza 6. The R (or R32 as the case may be) is the logical Golf to include in this game, imho, as that is already the more powerful car as well as the fact that it is AWD. This is the car you will see on the tracks.

Overall, the Forza series has been very kind to us VW fans by including quite a few VWs.

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I own the 2015 Golf R and yeah, there should be a blue strip of lighting on the doors which can especially be seen at night but aren’t there I don’t think… ah well!

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There will always be little things off compared to the real cars. Best thing to not notice it is to just race! Those cosmetic details won’t detract the experience while racing 23 other people.

Every demo Forza has ever put out I have played and can tell you first hand that every one had things I thought were of concern in the demo. When I got the full game, they were almost always gone in the full game.

DEMO builds usually branch off from the main branch way before the full game goes gold. So there will often be a ton of bugs that are fixed in the main branch of the game that is not getting any attention in the DEMO branch.

I wouldn’t expect it to be fixed, I own the Mazda 3 as shown in FM5 and while it is accurate overall the little things are missed. The central displays that are always on with the engine are blank as is the climate control screen. If it makes it into 6 which it should I doubt the blue ambient lighting on the doors and transmission tunnel will be shown at night. Finally the car has “black out” dials which are blank when the engine is off and fade up when you start it, they shouldn’t disappear in shadow as they are always lit from behind but they do as they are modelled as though lit by natural light.

However still love using it…