VS Comparison Pop Up is glitching out

The pop up you get to compare when you complete a road, go through a speedtrap, take a photo for Horizon Promo etc keeps glitching out on me to where it will sometimes show just boxes for the name and an ungodly high number. Sometimes the name is blank and the number is 0. I have found that it shows up 100% of the time when the game is stuck comparing me to someone who is a lot higher than me. For example I had like 70 in Horizon Promo but it was comparing me to someone that was 150 I believe. Everytime I took a photo it compared me to the same person. Eventually it glitched out. When it’s glitched that way, as soon as you pass that person it will return to normal. I thought that I had narrowed it down to that being the cause of this glitch every time but then it happened to me out of the blue when I had paused the game for a second and then came back. I have added a picture to show what the glitch looks like. I have already done a hard reboot of the console as it was doing this last night and I hard reset this afternoon. If it matters, I am a member of the Dashboard Preview program.

VS Pop Up Glitch

I’ve got exactly the same issue and i’m also on the dashboard preview program if that helps

I was getting the same when I was in a large club (oven). As soon as I left it was back to normal. I’m now in a small Club with no problem.

I made a thread on here at the weekend linking to a video.

Video here → Clicky

Yeah, I had to leave my 1st club too, [WFO], due to leaderboard prob. Wasn’t even that big a club. Joined a tiny club and all is well, though I still can’t view club leaderboards (says “error contacting server, try again later” every time).

Thanks for the responses, I really don’t want to leave my large club but between this and the fact that I no longer see my XBL friends drivatars anymore I might just have to do so.