VR for Forza Motorsport

I think it’s really about time to implement VR into Forza Motorsport.

I know, Forza is no sim, but it is close enough. I am primarily a sim racer but still much enjoyed Forza Motorsport 7 until I got VR, mainly because of the huge variety of streetcars. I mean there is Assetto Corsa, which is now 10 years old, but apart from that there is really no sim out there pushing the right buttons in terms of street cars - and I know there are many street car fans within the sim community.
A recent review in racedepartment showed that by now more then 50%(!) of sim racers are using a VR headset or plan to get one in the near future. I bet that you could attract many sim racers to Forza Motorsport if there would be VR - I for sure know, I would go for it for the sole reason of VR.
I know that the sim enthusiasts might still be a rather small part of the total buyers, the casual controller players will be the biggest buyer group. But seeing the technology already being used by the MS Flight Simulator and the Windows Headsets leading the VR Hardware market in terms of quality currently (HP Reverb G2), Forza could be a nice accelerator of WMR headset sales.
One can just hope I guess.


If it’s done right I would really appreciate that and buy it.

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Once you experienced a racing game in VR it is just hard to go back. Right now I prefer other racing games above Forza Motorsport 7 just because they have VR. FM7 looks, feels and steers a lot better but the immersion is just not the same. If the next Forza Motorsport doesn’t have VR I see no reason for myself to update which is kind of unfortunate.


Totaly argee. I have not relly enjoyed Forza since Forza 4 on tripple screen. I bouth 3 xbox 360 arcade and 3 monitors, a fanatec gt2 wheel and had a ton of imersion.
Since the tripple screen option never made it over to xbox one, the enyoment of the games dissapert some.
But now is the time to implement VR. And the only VR games whit 100 of normal cars this would be best in class.
And it would put ForzaVista in another league. And besides, i`m pretty sure GT7 will support psvr 2.

Would love to use my Valve Index HMD to play FM8 in VR.

It is time!

In the past year and a half I re found my fun for Racing games again (Stopped playing them over the years besides the horizon series) I decided to buy a rig, Wheel & Oculus Quest 2. I’ve been blown away from the immersion the whole setup brings! especially in VR, I found myself buying a ton of racing games that I previously didn’t care for. I mainly play AMS2 and AC both fantastic sims imo but I also enjoy the Horizon series and a little bit of FM7 just for the amount of street/road cars it has, I just hope the next FM supports VR as in the PC space at least it’s become somewhat of a standard.

anyone try https://www.vorpx.com/ seen a few videos on youtube of a dude playing in what looks to be pretty good looking vr ish gameplay… its odd that any racing game these days would not be impletmenting VR…i mean with correct programs atleast u can just use the headset as a giant monitor. at 90hz the refresh rate is better than my 75hz 34 inch ultrawide as the windshield… and 24inch on each side allowing for it to be like 2 front windows and mirrors and a windshield…
i been also thinking about buying a couple VR headset screens and making a diy type setup where i can like iuno hang it from a retractable from the cieling and have like 3 screens at 1080 only about 4 inch AWAY FROM FACE. AND USE SOME SORT OF LIKE LENS OR SOMETHING MAYBE ILL JUST MAKE A VR HEADSET THATS JUST A LITERALLY HDMI DISPLAY NO TRACKING NOTHING. KUZ U CAN USE A KINECT FOR THAT LOL. OR CAMERA. CELLPHONE … THEY GOT APPS FOR IT… BUT BEEN LOOKING INTO BUYING THAT VORPX PRODUCT FOR SIM RACING GAMES THAT DO NOT HAVE VR

That would be amazing!! However, Im afraid thats not gonna happen as FM is primarly an Xbox exclusive game.

+1 VR in Racing Games should be a nobrainer.
After getting spoiled in other racing games, i don´t want to miss it

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I would also like to have VR in Forza Motorsport. Please implement it, I only play racing games in Vr, it would be fantastic if you done the Vr implementation. Forza Motorsport additionally in VR would make you high profit I’m sure!!!
Thanks dor consideration!

They should make the game playable on a wheel first. I mean it’s playable…but not enjoyable in comparison to Assetto, BeamNG, & iRacing. Yes I know this isn’t a sim, it’s a simcade…but I’ve played full arcade racers on wheels that are more fun.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Forza. I’ve been playing for a decade and will continue to…but on a controller :wink:

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There is no reason why we shouldn’t have both proper wheel support and VR. I hope we get full telemetry data output too. I am surprised there was not a single mention of Forza Motorsport at the last E3. There has been very little mention of this game at all. I hope they surprise us and release it soon!

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After playing Project Cars 2 in VR with a wheel at my buddy’s house, I wished Forza had VR support.

I just want to echo what others have said in this thread.

VR is a must for racing games as you are essentially sat in a locked position with your hands on a physical force feedback wheel, or engaging an actual shifter and your feet are also on physical pedals engaging a real clutch and such . VR usually falls apart whenever motion (not motion sim, I mean motion as in walking around) usually due to space confines, wires, and the simply anchievable (like climbing walls and such, plus, your aren’t usually holding a 1:1 physical replica of a tool (like a steering wheel) in something like an FPS VR game. Couple this with stuff like tactile tranducers and motion platforms, and sim racing or any racing game is simply the best way to show the techonology of VR. One you use VR its very difficult to go back to single, ultrawide or even tripple screens.

Secondly, there’s really not many accessible titles that have VR support. I love AMS2, ACC, AC, iRacing, etc that have VR support, but there not that accessible for newcomers to racing or newcomers to VR. If Forza had VR, it would be such an assett for simracing and VR itself. Firstly, Forza has possibly the best graphics of any racing game, just look at FH5, it is visually stunning. This would look incredible on VR. Not only that, but T10 and PG are one of the best developers in the world, irrepective of genre, at optimising their games ofr visiual quality and framerate (I’m not talking about bugs, just optimisation), so if there’s any developer that can implement VR, its them.

Thridly, VR on consoles, which should be possible considering Driveclub managed to do it on the PS4 Pro (which is weaker than the Series X, Series S and even the One X) would be a huge selling point not only for Xbox but for Forza as well. That’s not even to mention how much of a selling point it would be on PC.

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You can buy aftermarket preferably ACER VR headsets but it won’t be able to look around in-game but rather look like you at the loading screen on beat saber on a ps5, but it still is very immersive just with that. On the other hand with a PC I would expect there to be a mod to be able to look around in cockpit view but I’m afraid it would be just left and right on an X axis.

Oh for sure. Even that garbage Driveclub VR game on PS4 felt amazing in VR. It’s just something else, and Forza needs it.
I know that Xbox isn’t really focusing on VR because they have no plans of making VR support for the consoles, but that should not stop them on PC. Besides, MS Flight Sim has VR support on PC:

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I would love to have it as well. But I see no chance of it happening. If anything MS has moved away from VR support, which still baffles and frustrates me.