Voting screen between championships. Should it return or stay how it is now?

In previous Horizons there is a voting screen once one championship is finished and the next is about to start - where a couple options are shown and everyone gets to vote on what they do next. The highest voted one wins and it then moves onto the car choice screen etc.

Who would like this to return for FH4? Who prefers it the way it is now?

IMO why not let players have at least a little input on what they’ll be racing next rather than forcibly serving up something that hardly anyone likes.

I for one think it should be added back in as from my observations whenever something generally unappealing comes up for the next championship (such as dirt racing in winter) everyone just bails on that lobby (myself included). This leads to a tedious cycle of then finding a new lobby which is already midway through a championship, waiting for it to end only to likely then have a similar forced horrible combo presented starting the cycle all over again until you might finally get to race something you like. Thats not to say dirt racing in the snow is bad, I’m sure some people like it and if enough people in a lobby vote on it well then it gives the majority what they want.

It’s rather frustrating, not to mention utterly time consuming, having to suffer through numerous unappealing championships over and over until finally something that the majority of the lobby actually wants to race comes up.

Surely i’m not alone in this thought? Or am i? Do the majority of people like being sp00n fed only a take-it-or-leave it option? Or would players rather have some input into what comes next?

I’m yet to hear anyone say ‘oh goodie its going to be S2 dirt racing in the snow next, im so excited this is my favourite and it rarely comes up’. From what i’ve seen all that happens is a lobby with 12 people suddenly drops to 5 when this happens, sometimes even lower.

Personally i see it as a bit of a democracy VS dictatorship thing, right now FH4 feels like a dictatorship when it comes to race type/season.


If I wanted to race on tarmac only I would stick to FM7. The absence of the voting system is the only reason I keep playing this game.


Perhaps you haven’t experienced the voting screens in FH3 and don’t understand how it works - providing a voting screen doesn’t mean people can always choose tarmac/road races.

You get presented 3 choices and you cast a vote on which of the 3 you want. The 3 choices presented are pseudo randomized, or in other words it’s not just a case of it showing all variations and seasons at once. You get a subset of all the different combinations and over time the choices presented are averaged out/weighted to try give an even spread over time.

For example there might be times when the three choices are say:

dirt / A class / summer
dirt / S1 class / winter
dirt / S1 class / autumn

So no matter what you (and everyone else) chooses it’s going to be dirt for the next championship but at least you have some influence on the class and season.

Furthermore if the last few championships have all been S1 class then the choices are likely to explicitly not have S1 class and be something like:

road / A class / winter
dirt / A class / summer
cross country / S2 / spring

And the same deal for seasons, if summer has come up too much recently it likely won’t be one of the 3 choices available next round.

It would also open the door to adding some new variations like B class and C class as i for one am getting rather tired of only being able to use about 30% of the cars in my garage as many of them simply don’t upgrade to S1 let alone S2 or aren’t competitive enough when you do.

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That’s not how FH3 works. In the class specific adventures 99% of them are tarmac. The mixed adventures are a little bit more varied but something like 70-80% of them are, not only tarmac, but also S2/S1, which are the worst classes imo.

Why would a voting system open the door for lower classes? There’s nothing that’s stopping PG from including lower classes in the current system, and good luck getting into a C class adventure in FH3. You’d have to play for weeks before that happens.

The current system in FH4 is not perfect, for example there are way too many S2 and S1 adventures, and no B-D adventures, but in FH4 it is actually possible to find an A class cross country adventure. All you need to do is press the red button and load a new adventure until you find one. In FH3 you’d have to play for days, sometimes weeks, before that happens.

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Isn’t FM7 just circuit racing around tracks? I find that pretty boring except Nurburgring. I mean I enjoyed FM1-4 but that was before I played FH3/4 and I much prefer the variety of roads in Horizon games and always much prefer sprint races to circuit racing. I still prefer racing on tarmac though and sometimes dirt but dirt is a bit weird in Horizon.

Would prefer the voting screen to return.

Could do it in such away that whatever the previous n races were you don’t include that car class in the selection or the event type. This would force a loop of Road, Street, Cross Country, Dirt with a mix of car classes.

I suppose you then throw seasons into the above mix. hah!


Ranked Adventures don’t allow for continuous playlists, presumably due to the matchmaking process.

Therefore even if post-playlist voting did make a return it wouldn’t appear in Ranked.

You could make the argument for pre-playlist voting (ie: once a Ranked Adventure has 12/12 players) however.

FH3 didn’t have class-specific adventures and it didn’t have seasons either.

It just had online adventure, which had;
Street Race
Mixed Surface
Playground Games
Anything Goes

The classes were random and all showed up frequently, though I think D-Class seemed less frequent. C-S2 class always showed up a lot. There was far more variety in classes and nothing like playing for weeks or days for certain class/races to show up.

There are class specific adventures in FH3, everybody knows that. And you are dead wrong about the not having to play for weeks for certain adventures to show up and win the vote. Why are you lying, bro? Are you using subversive tactics in order to get people positive about the voting system so that you can run your S2 hypercars day and night in FH4?


He’s far more correct on how the system worked than you are, in fact he’s (or maybe she) almost spot on!

Why are you being so snarky - having a voting system doesn’t mean you’re never going to get to race dirt like you think.

I’ve actually taken the time to fire up both FH3 AND FH2 to put the mis-information to bed on how the voting worked.

First thing is that unlike FH4 there is simply “online adventure” in the menu for both FH2 and FH3, you dont get to choose team racing/team games/free-for-all like in FH4.

Now let’s move onto the specifics of what you get presented with in the voting screens.

Example #1 from FH3 - the screen indeed presents 3 different classes but in addition to this a particular play style is tied to each class (which as you’ll see from example #2 changes between championships)

Example #2 from FH3 - this was the very next selection after the previous championship ended, notice how the first had playground games and this didnt, thats because in example #1 playground games won (sorry its a vid not a pic for this one)

Example #3 from FH2 - notice here that for each choice there are 4 little icons at the bottom showing the type of race, some contain a mix of dirt+asphalt+playground!! Also note that S2 did not win…

Example #4 from FH2 - note again the four icons at the bottom and how S2 contains playground events where the other 2 don’t

Now in the FH4 world the voting system would neither be how it is in FH2 nor FH3 but would probably be a best of both worlds scenario. To be more specific you’ll still need to make an initial choice 9n whether you want team racing/team games/free-for-all, but rather than it just coming up with a single fixed race type/class/season these three variables could be pseudo randomized like i described in an earlier post - evidence on how effective this is to always spread the gameplay is provided using example #1 vs example #2

Before you take such an aggressive and closed mind view that voting is bad because you’ll never get what you want (which is just utterly and blatently incorrect as proved by these examples) perhaps have a think about how it might actually provide you a means of having some say in the class/season rather than how it is now where you have zero say at all. Wouldnt it be nice if sometimes the choices were all dirt but you got to pick between say S1+summer S1+winter or A+autumn?

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Out of all of those choices, i would choose the Forza Horizon 3 one. Great choices btw.

You are being extremely disingenious and deceptive when you’re claiming that I said that there never is dirt FH3.

Voting means anything but tarmac races are rare in FH3. I don’t want that, I prefer a proportional mix.

If you want to be scientific about it why don’t you fire up FH3 and tell me how long it takes before you get into an A class cross country adventure? I know that I had to play for weeks before that happened. I gave up on FH3 when I never even got to try most of my A class off-road builds. In FH4 those adventures comes up often.

You have no idea how voting works. Voting is not choice. Voting only means that the majority is choosing for you. I don’t want the majority to rule over me, because the majority is heavily biased towards tarmac, S2 and S1.

You seem intelligent enough by the use of the word disingenuous to also be fully aware that you’re trying to twist my words. Re-read them again, where do i mention you+fh3+dirt+never in the same sentance - i don’t.

Your stance is very clear and prejudice based on your opinion of the FH3 voting system.

As i’ve already stated the FH3 voting system just simply doesn’t translate to FH4 so basing any argument on “it never came up in FH3 so it will never come up in FH4 and therefore i don’t want it” is closed and simple minded. I feel i don’t even need to explain this to you and you’re now just clutching at straws.

You also have chosen to purposely ignore the theorhetical way it could be implemented as i’ve suggested since if implemented well would cater for your desires, along with catering for the majorites desires too - a best of both worlds scenario.

But in anycase i fired up FH3 again and joined a lobby mid-championship…

First event i participated in was cross country, the championship was anything goes:

I consider cross country to be similar enough to dirt that they are essentially the same thing, you’ll disagree but frankly i’ve stopped caring about what you think after you’ve misquoted/misrepresented what i said and blatently ignored my suggestion on how a voting system could be implemented in FH4. You’re clearly not open to healthy discussion and just stuck on a single mindset formed from “what you remember” from FH3.

Anyhoo, the way i see it so far, based on the other posts in this thread, is that most other people are also frustrated with the lack of choice and frequency of races they don’t enjoy coming up - whether it be dirt vs asphalt or summer vs winter or S2 vs A.

The kicker is this - if T10 don’t appeal to the majority then player numbers will plummet as people just get frustrated and stop playing FH4 - as more people stop playing it will get harder to have championships with 8+ people, lots of quitters and just an overall poor online experience. Why do you think they finally added in free-for-all? I’m sure you’re intelligent enough that i don’t need to spell it out to you and it wasn’t because it was technically too difficult at launch - i stopped playing FH4 months ago and have only really returned due to the introduction of free-for-all.

On the flipside if T10 don’t appeal to the minority (such as those who want to race only dirt and only A-class which i categorize yourself into) then sure, those people will get frustrated and stop playing FH4 but will they be missed? I think the impact to the overall online community of losing these niche players vs losing the majority is an acceptable loss in the big scheme of things.

Theres only so much more S2 and dirt racing I’m going to do before i stop playing FH4 again and i can tell you it’s not far away as the frequency of EITHER of these things is far too great for my liking.

Might be tough words for you to hear but this is EXACTLY how voting and democracy in real life works. You may not like the majorities opinion but unfortunately numbers matter, especially in online communities.

What’s the point of playing FH4 if theres only a few people to compete against and the style of racing you want to do doesn’t occur frequent enough - surely we can agree on that point :slight_smile:

You just click online adventure and get thrown into whatever class races were currently being played in the lobby. It would give you a small amount of time to choose a car for the class and you would join the adventure while it is in progress. I don’t even know what class-specific adventures you are talking about, unless there was some kind of custom adventure mode thatI never saw. If that is the case then why would you say it takes weeks to get the class adventure you want when you can just choose the class? And no, it never took weeks to get a class/race combination you like. I think you have played too much FH4 online and you are getting the 2 systems mixed up because I played FH3 online a lot and haven’t played FH4 online hardly at all, so the FH3 is very clear in my memory and not confused with FH4.

Probably gonna be an unpopular opinion but I dont want the vote screen back. At least not for ranked. If it did come back every lobby would be S2, a little variety never hurt anyone

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Exactly! The voting system is good for one thing, and one thing only: killing variety.


And this is one of the reasons I don’t like FH4 online. Killing variety? In Fh4, I join online and all I get is offroad after offroad. Join mid-event, stick around to the end only to get more offroad. Switch lobbies 6 times, getting offroad every time. Wow such variety…

And the most fun part… after 90 minutes and 6 lobbies, you finally get asphalt and guess what? Half the races are offroad! AWSM!


Nah, you’re still worng. There was plenty of Mixed Surface (includes offroad), Anything Goes (includes offroad) and Cross-Country (offroad). Those would get voted on a lot, sometimes because there weren’t better options or sometimes because that’s just what people wanted. They would get voted on frequently.

Anyway, even if people aren’t voting on them, it only means people generally don’t like them. So your solution is to force players to play content they don’t like under the pretense of ‘more variety’ (lie). And you wonder why people hate FH4 online? Anyway, you lied about having to wait weeks (an hour at most) and you’re lying about FH4 system giving more variety. Also, if you loved offroad so much why didn’t you go to the forum and find like-minded players to make a group with? Then you could play all the offroad you wanted. At least you had that option in FH3. In FH4 we don’t.

I would say no, unless they change how you choose, cause I prefer the Dirt Racing, but majority of people picked road in FH3. If they would give us the option to choose between, Road, Dirt, Cross Country, and random, then I would say yes. But there are also those who only prefer certain classes as well, like my self. Maybe options or custom servers would be nice.

I really love the Dirt Racing in FH4 and don’t want to get stuck on road racing 24/7

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this could be a smart voting
as an example

  • you can’t vote for 1 type of races more than 3 times in a row.
  • if your vote wasn’t successful, your next vote is gaining weight, next time your vote will be equal 2 votes, than 3, than 4.

One day i was playing 5 online matches in a row and 4 of them was night street racing.
And this happens alot. same class all the time.
Random system in Forza Horizon 4 for now is too far from perfect.