Visual ghosting removes feeling of connection

In the E3 demo you saw all the cars very closely together in the open world and they are all solid models. It’s very exciting and ‘real’.
However when you play the game as soon as someone gets nearby you they turn into that ghost wireframe. It removes the feeling of sharing the same space with those people and simply makes it harder to enjoy seeing everyone’s cars.
Collision ghosting should stay in as we dont want to collide with strangers but the visual ghosting should only happen on direct contact much like in race events.
It’s not feasible to expect a cultural shift of everyone going into a convoy together when you just pass them by, no matter how fluent LINC will be.


I don’t like the ghosting either for the reasons you mention, but I would actually like to have it where no cars were ghosted and we had to learn to deal with that. I thought the kudos was a way to help keep drivers inline and not collide with other players just to be a jerk.

I do hope that the ghosting is not as aggressive as it was in FH4. I like seeing the cars. I hope the social enhancements make it easier to get into groups.

Do you have a link to the video of this please? I just looked at one E3 demo video with what seemed to be players racing each other, and didn’t see that issue. Are you referring to how it is currently in FH4?

No. It is in FH5.

When you look at and listen to some of the people involved in making these games you can quickly see why they are in such a mess.

Let me be kind: they don’t know what they’re doing.


So you want ghosting to wait until the cars touch?.. sounds Ok to me.

Well, they could just allow the cars to clip through each other without any ghosting at all. The lack of the visual cue would make it more difficult in free roam to tell which cars you could clip through and which you couldn’t.

Player names can be made to stand out better.