Visual bugs in Street Races and more…

Street Races:
Many a time when I’ve been doing Street Races, the red flares on the side of the road appear severely pixelated from a distance and don’t seem to update and become better looking as my car gets nearer, I play the game with all visual details maxed out at 1080p.

Other things:
Often times when playing in free mode online, my car will be stopped immediately several times within an hour on average, losing me a skill streak if I had one going and then the game telling me I got disconnected. I have had loads of connection issues, constantly being disconnected and prompted to retry and it failing to do so. Might be caused by overloading the servers from all the new players all trying to play the game, that’s understandable.

Only once have I had memory issues, when doing the setup for Street Races in Guanajuato(?), the cars will be floating above the characters during their little talk before the mission starts.
The game stated it ran out of buffer memory or something, clicked ok and continued on just fine.

Also one last encounter I had was in the Baja Movie actor story thing, when I was traveling to the second mission I was driving very fast towards the mission start prompt and flew across it, when I landed, it disappeared and then I noticed that whatever PR things I went through they would not register me doing them, restarting the game resolved that issue.

My specs:
Intel i7-8700K
MSI GTX 1080 Ti Duke OC 11G
32GB 3200MHz RAM (Corsair Vengeance LPX)
Windows 10 Home, 1.7-ish TB SSD Storage.

Floating trees, floating cars, invisble barriers etc. Just a few of the minor glitches so far. lol

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