Vision Gaming Network: One Off Event 3 - BCR Sunday 9th April

On Sunday 9th April we are holding our third one off event with something we’ve called BCR which is a Build Challenge Race. We have given some requirements which need to be followed but as long as your within the limits the car can race. Come join us in our first BCR event next sunday to see what the other racers bring out, no doubt you would have wanted to drive a certain car in the game which no league has used so come on blow the dust off the car and add the parts on to get it upto spec and race with us.

If you feel like you’ve not raced in the rain or night much on forza then this will be something you may be interested in since we are running all 3 variants of Le Mans Bugatti on the night.

Race Info below:
VGN One Off Event 3

Still time to sign up for tomoz race. Check out site or facebook or even our twitter