VIR Track Guide

Hi folks!
I made a little track guide for VIR and stuck it on YouTube.
If you don’t have the VIR pack yet, here’s a good chance to recon it.

Take it Easy,

Cant hear your voice

good , but cant hear your voice in the sections where you show the map of the track

Great vid mate, the two sections at start and finish do need the volumn up heaps, so if you can fix that, it’d be great. The two runs through in dry an wet make for some good viewing. I drive via cockpit, so sightlines are very different. If you could pop one with some cockpit views it in, they’d help those of us who only race via the POV.

But overal, nice. Will have to check out your tunes. Some idea of how you’re running would be good. That is, what Assidts are on/off etc, some basic settings etc. that gives the viewer some idea of how you’re approaching turns etc.

I’ll earmark it for sure.

Thanks yall. Glad you liked it :slight_smile:
Yah, i noticed after posting the audio didn’t come out that great on the slide section. Headphones help.

my usual settings: ABS, Manual trans, and sometimes brake line (it helped for the video… it showed the lines a bit better, also i filmed the dry lap drunk)
no TCS, STM, or “mods” … ever.

@XboxOZ360 cockpit view is insane on VIR. Lots of blind hills, gotta have it memorized pretty much :slight_smile:

Guess I’ll have to make more guides. My older stuff (pre-Stig video) was pretty much a dump of my Twitches. I’ve got some better stuff out, and on its way, if y’all wanna check it out.

stay classy forums :slight_smile:

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