Vip status not on my gammertag

I digitally pre ordered the day one edition of forza horizion 2 i was unable to play the game until yesterday (my new wheel finally arrived) i played all day yesterday making my way up to level 30! Last night while racing with my car club one of the member asked why i was not vip. but i am i insisted… it appears that my son played before i did on his gammertag and now he is vip and not me. Please help i have not received any of the perks that VIP is suppose to give. ( Microsoft chat reference number 1266813180 )

First off, the Day One edition of Horizon 2 did not grant a VIP membership. This time around, everyone has to purchase a VIP membership from the Xbox Marketplace. Secondly, while you should be able to access the VIP vehicles from the Autoshow, the membership itself will only be applied to the gamertag which purchased it.

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To add to the previous reply.

  • Normal Edition → just the plain game
  • Day One Edition → game with some cars
  • Day One Deluxe Edition → game with more cars and VIP
  • Day One Ultimate Edition → game with even more cars and VIP and Season Pass

Unsure which you bought but if you are sure you bought the version that includes VIP, excuse me for saying, it would seem someone needs a good slapping around at home?

If you bought the Day One Edition that does not come with VIP. If you bought an edition that did come with VIP, and you purchased it digitally, your account would also have the VIP.

You probably bought the version of the game sans VIP, and your son went in and purchased it himself for his account. Have him uninstall the VIP DLC, then you can go into the store and purchase it as well, or you can always purchase it on under your gamertag.

Note: If you are an FM5 VIP, buy it on the console for a $10 discount.

I purchased the untimate edition for 89 bucks… turns out the vip status was never applied even though it was downloaded. as per microsoft un install game. re purchase (they credited me back immediately) vip is now active…

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