Vip rivals challenge is glitched (racing with s-class Camaro while being noted as c-class)

I noticed Sunday when attempting to post a good time on the VIP rivals with the Camaro on Dubai circuit that I could race with a s-class tuned Camaro without it being out of class.
I won’t go into details here how the glitch works.

Resulting in a 1.11 something without trying too hard

This glitch has obviously been exploited by all the top times on the leaderboard.

I tried replicating it with the other leaderboards as well but it seems only limited to the VIP rivals challenge.

Please fix this, also for future challenges.

I thought you had to use a S class Camaro, that’s the VIP HE Camaro, comes as S class as standard

The Camaro '69 FE comes as a c472 car AFAIK and is also displayed in this particular leaderboards as c472 even when tuned to s-class through the glitch.
So I believe this rivals challenge is meant to be raced as c472.

Also when you load a tune above the standard (c472) class it will refuse to let you drive with the tune as it mentions it is out of class.
For instance when you download a tune from 1 of the leaderboard leaders.

You’re right was thinking of fh3 lol
The rivals is set as stock only which is c474
Hope they fix it sometime soon and remove the glitched tunes and times

Haha, it happens.

I also hope it will be fixed soon, too bad 1 of the few rival challenges is already glitched.