Vip pass not working? Xbox One

Hey guys,

I just bought forza and got the ultimate edition. This is my first time playing Horizon so I don’t know if the VIP it is working and I just cant tell or I am missing something.

A friend said when I get credits it should show up “X2 VIP” or something in those means and I cant seem to find anything like that. I did make sure It was installed and download I just dont know what to.

This is on my Xbox one

I might just be blind and not see it or It might not actually work.

Anyways cheers, happy holidays thanks for the help :slight_smile:

When you level up it should appear as the wheelspin stops on the actual number
Also you should be able to access your VIP car pack by going to the autoshow and then the DLC tile and then collecting your VIP cars from there

If not try hard resetting/ cold booting your console properly and see if that helps

Got to My Games and Apps under Forza Horizon 3 and make sure every thing within the Ultimate Edition is installed.

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There was a hippcup on the server around that time or after, should be working now.

You should also have access to the VIP cars, (Ferrari F12 TDF is one) and a crown next to your name on the leaderboards/race results screen. If you see those two things, then VIP is working.

Cool thanks all! I think its working. I still havent made it too far in the game but I think its working and all is good now! :slight_smile:


Hello. Please I need some help. I bought yesterday the complete DLC for Forza horizon 3. I cannot access the VIP ? I don’t the see the icon status or anything thing. Everything else installed only the VIP? Also on the Microsoft store it show price to buy, but is include in the DLC budle I purchased. Please help me out. Thanks

You’ll need to contact Microsoft support, they sold you the product, turn 10 did not.