Hi,I am I have quite new in forza 4 and I bought just recently the VIP membership for FORZA 4 and i have read the description what does it contain…There was stated except of the premium cars like BUGATTI SUPER SPORT , FERRARI ITALIA CHALLENGE etc. some more cars from TURN 10…The questions are - are these cars called unicorn cars? and what does it mean? and also how can I gain them?,do I have to complete some challenges? PLEASE ANSWER SOMEONE AS I HAVE IT CLEAR…THANKS A LOT IN ADVANCE…

They refer to gifts from T10 - some were Unicorns and some were normal cars with paints and or/tunes. There have not been any given out for years now and I wouldn’t expect anymore.

For info on current ways to get Unicorns read this thread.

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The VIP pack includes some DLC cars, but you have to buy them in-game with credits to obtain them after buying the pack. Turn 10 used to give out unique cars to VIP members when the game was current, but those services have long since been discontinued. Buying the VIP pack now only gives you those DLC cars, plus the benefits of having more storefront slots and putting your auctions at the top of the list in the auction house.

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Perhaps in an update they could change the description so people like me dont think something crazy like you might actually get access to what you paid for.

For me its not a big deal, but i remember thinking to myself that i kinda felt burned a little. Oh well truly its my fault for assuming this dated release would have current information on such things.

Im grateful theres still a good online community and support, thats more then other titles can provide.

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