VIP Le Mans rival

So I bought a Saleen to have a go at the VIP Le Mans rival race. Tuned it up to R class and couldn’t enter because it is restricted to S class.
Yet the leader boards are full of R and P class times.

Is this a glitch?

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I think it’s a common glitch with some Rival events. The leaderboard is full of cars not allowed in the challenge. Hopefully they are working on a fix.

It seems to point to the wrong leaderboard unfortunately.

This happened to me… you can just go to Load Tuning Setup and load one and it will then let you run. That’s why there are so many at the top in R. Thought it might well be a glitch. I had a top 5 time for a while…

Thanks guys.

This seems to happen a lot in the Monthly and VIP rivals events and seems to be drivers that are less experienced because they are using all or most of the assists.
Pretty sure these people aren’t purposely cheating or abusing this glitch but I would like to see this fixed soon.
I spend a long time setting up a car for the required class only to find someone has built that same car up into R-class and beaten me by 2 or 3 seconds.