VIP House

Hey everyone,

I am progressing through the game and have yet to unlock the festival playlist. I have unlocked the fist player house. When does the VIP house get awarded as I have the premium edition?

I also noticed there is barely anyone online. Does this change once I unlock the festival playlist feature?

Thank you

the VIP house will unlock eventually and is free for VIP players, and 2 million or something for everyone else.

Its just a regular house and when you go to buy it, the price is waived by the game.

The player numbers might just be poor due to the broken mess the game was released in, many players might just have had enough and left. If it hadn’t been free on games pass, I would have been really annoyed with the state it was released in.

You need to do the Horizon Adventure chapters: MSN

Completing the chapters unlocks the outposts and player houses and they show up on the map. Then just drive or fast travel to the houses.

I have the Premium version, too. I got at least three free houses. Not just one. The only expensive one I had to buy was the hotel.

Everyone is having the problem with not seeing many other players online. It’s been a bug since day one. Hopefully will be fixed in January (after the holidays).