VIP and Reward Tier Badges Not Unlocking

I have VIP and a reward tier greater than 2, and the corresponding badges remain locked. The game otherwise seems to be ok. Everything appears to be installed correctly, and I have cold booted and re-sync’d save data. It recognizes me as a VIP with the crown icon and additional payouts, and I have no issues with mp or achievements.

However, neither of these milestone badges is unlocking. Is anyone aware of a workaround for this issue? Thanks.

I am having the exact same issue

Guys, pay attention…

'Cause on Forza when you buy the DLC you get all the cars for free, and if you gamehsare you have to pay to get the cars instead of getting them free. Also to both get it early, if you have V.I.P. and you gameshare only the person who bought the V.I.P. gets V.I.P. benefits. Little stuff like that.
Hope to be in wrong…:frowning:
Ah, by the way: the CARS coming from vip and other dlc are NOT free and you don’t receive them directly in your garage: they are available to be purchased. :wink:

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Not a issue with the cars mate. Issue with game not unlocking the badges ie recognising I am tier 8 and unlocking platinum badge and recognising I am VIP and unlocking VIP badge.

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Sorry just to be sure i understood right: what i said about forza 6 vip pass and gameshare it’s NOT true? In other words turn 10 has to fix the problem i talked about?

I don’t know if what you say is true or not, but I have read about similar issues. However, the problem you describe seems irrelevant for what I have encountered, which isn’t about the crown icon, but relates to badge selections in the Options | Change Badge | Milestone tab.

My game recognizes me as VIP, and other than the badge not unlocking, I am receiving all perqs of being VIP. The question that remains is whether there is workaround to get the VIP and reward tier milestone badges to unlock. Thanks for any help or ideas.

I am having exact same issue very frustrating, I even tried syncing my save on another console but still not showing my VIP badge and tier badge.

Only thing I can think of is that you have some strict privacy settings enabled that keeps Forza from reading out your reward level. It unlocked flawlessly for me right from the start.

Thanks. This is the sort of ideas I was hoping to get. While it was somewhat plausible and I did have custom privacy settings, this was not the fix.

Same issue for me. I even have some badges that are unlocked that shouldn’t be. Hopefully will get fixed soon.

Same problem for me…

Those badges remain locked for me as well. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling the VIP dlc and still didn’t unlock.

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I have Ford and Chevrolet affinity at level 25 and the 2 badges haven’t unlocked. All other badges unlock just fine. I’m bummed about the Ford one not unlocking :’(

Is there a fix in the works?

My Chevolet affinity bage never unlocked for haveing reached level 25 and I haven’t reached level 25 with any other makes yet so I hope this can be fixed

My VIP and Tier badge haven’t unlocked.

These badges haven’t unlocked for me either.

I’m having the exact same problem. Getting the benefits of tier 8 and VIP but the badges have not unlocked. Don’t know if it would make a difference but I have 2 Xbox One’s and the one I play on is not listed as “my home” Xbox, but that shouldn’t matter as I’m getting the benefits of VIP, IE Cars and double race payouts.

I have the same problem. I do not game share (which seems to be a problem for some). I am Tier 9 and VIP. Neither unlocks and I do not think I’m getting the post race bonuses.

The first post race screen - which list your credits has a listing for the VIP amount, fairly obvious if you are getting it or not.

My exact situation as well. Minor issue but I’d like it fixed.

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