Vip and house spins

So I have had the game since the day it came out from Early Access. I have not received a single free daily Wheels spin from owning the house and I have not received any of my VIP super wheelspins since the game was released either. Are they going to fix this issue?


Same. I got it the first day. Nothing since.

I thought the 2 Super Wheelspins from being VIP were weekly and you had to visit the house each day to the normal Wheelspin. (Not 100% sure on the house as I dont own it yet).

2 super wheelspins are weekly, just like in FH4.
For me hostel castillo is broken, no wheelspins from it (I have tried visiting house, going to main festival, nothing works). I only got 1 wheelspin from it and there was a notification at the bottom of the screen. Nothing since then

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I got one free wheelspin from the house. The first day after I bought it and none since.

I’m just curious do you log in everyday or do you keep the game running on quick resume?

For me quick resume does not work :slight_smile:

Same, got it once then…nada!

I got two super wheelspins from a msg for being vip. WOW. TWO FRIKKIN SUPERWHEEL SPINS. I thought it was a joke at first lol. So much generosity…

Same here I’m VIP and own all houses and I have yet to receive any wheelspins from anything other than leveling up.

i get the message for 2 free super wheel spins and i see that message every friday so far

i have seen the house wheel spin 1~2 times pop up on screen not in the messages center!
and i noticed that it shows up around the same time that i purchased the house (ie: around 9pm)

I got the VIP Wheelsspins as well as the daily wheelspin.

The daily wheelspin differs of course because of the time I log in into the game (though I do play on a daily basis, I play not at the very same times every day. Sometimes I got a pop up message, sometimes there is a wheelspin out of nowhere in the menu.

So it is a bit intransparent. Don’t know if a ingame mail in the message center would work for a daily reward that should given for log into the game.

To answer questions, yes I log in daily. I quit the program and make the game load up each day. I’ve tried visiting the house or “visit Mexican festival” as it says and still get no spins. First day I logged in the game was the only time I received the vip spins, but since then, no gifts, no messages in my inbox etc.

Also is there any update on Forza 5 loyalty p1 gift car?

Also this is their email reply to my complaint :roll_eyes:

Battleman (Forza Support)

Nov 19, 2021, 6:27 AM PST


Thank you for reporting this issue. We are currently looking into this and your ticket will be added to our investigation.

I am marking this ticket “Solved” and we will send out an announcement to the Community when we have a resolution.

Please see our known issues articles for some of the issues we are currently tracking. This list is updated regularly. Even if your issue is not on this list yet we are still investigating and tracking it.
Forza Horizon 5 Known issues
Forza Horizon 4 Known issues
Forza Street Known issues

At this time, we don’t have any follow-up questions or steps for you to try. I am marking this ticket as “Solved” and we will post an update to the support page and twitter (@Forza_Support) when we have more information.

I’ve gotten about 3 wheel spins for owning the house.
It will come randomly like far into playing it for the day. Something online will trigger it. Once it was me driving through a horizon arcade. The second time was me matchmaking for an online event.
But I can confirm 100% that I have gotten daily free wheel spins. It’s just not instant and sometimes not everyday. Forza definitely needs to fix the code triggers for this.

Wait, I’m supposed to be getting 2 super wheelspins each day for VIP? Sad face.

The 2 VIP spins are weekly. Just the house spin is supposed to be daily.


You are supossed to get 2 superwheelspins each month i believe for being VIP.

They are talking about the house hotel castillo, it gives you one daily wheelspin if it actually worked correctly.

you have to be on the game for about an hour, then it will show up in your messages! But even then its hit or miss somedays!!

You are supposed to get 2 super wheel spins each week for being VIP (I get mine on Sundays it seems)

You are supposed to get one regular wheel spin per day for owning the house, but it means you have to log on to receive it daily. You can bank them, and let them accumulate, but you need to log into the game to get the free daily spin. NOTE this does not happen for me instantly…sometimes it takes what feels like an hour or more for the free wheel spin to appear as an announcement on my screen…FYI.

Also worth noting: Unlike previous Forza Horizon games, you will NOT get any money each week from the Forza Hub…that’s dead as of FH5 and the Hub itself will be dead by the middle of this year supposedly, so keep that in mind if you are still trying to get free cash in previous Horizon games.