Vinyl's not showing up

So how does one get Vinyl’s added to the search area? Is this only reserved for “famous” painters? I have a couple skull designs with the word skull in the name and when I go to search and use skull, none of my designs show up. Had a friend look for some and I have to tell him to use my name just to see anything. My designs have been there since Saturday of pre-order and still nothing.
Same goes for tunes but that is a for a different section.

Are you putting the word Skull in your file name or the description? If it’s in the file name only, try adding it to the description and searching again - see if that doesn’t net you better results.

If they aren’t showing just try to unshare and reshare. see if that clears the issue.


I’ve noticed the same with designs, there are 252 design slots in the search results & if the 252nd has 1 download then no new designs will be shown. I posted something in the bug section, maybe you should do the same or add this problem to it.
Ultimately, nothing new will ever be seen.

Same problem here

For my part the search option works fine if the file contains the name, but the system is definitely not configured correctly. When accessing personalization, the same content is always displayed repeatedly and the new content is forgotten, it is very frustrating. We need a space for popular content and new content that appears on the interface at the same time.