Vinyl Question

Hey guys! Hope this is the right place to post. I have read on here and a few other places about people making vinyl groups on their computer (using GIMP or Photoshop) and then importing them into the game to use on a car, is that actually possible? I have an XBOX One. Thanks for the advice!

No, it is NOT. It never has been, nor ever will be.

Everything in the Forza/Horizon series of games is created using the Livery Editor.

Every single scrap of gamer created on car art and design has been painstakingly created using the livery tools just as Snowowl says.

These spurious folktales persist because a large number of players have neither the wit nor imagination to beleive such work is possible. On behalf of myself and every other painter in Forza I would ask you to pass the message on to those who are clueless.

Thank you.

Or the “folktales” are a carry over from games like iRacing, Papyrus’ NASCAR titles, and EA’s NASCAR titles on XB360 that allowed user created content to be imported. Many of those designs were painstakingly created in PhotoShop or PaintShop Pro/PhotoStudio on flat layers that would require tens of thousands of layers in Forza to replicate. Both mediums require skill to achieve the final result. I will say this though - the jaggies on the Forza decals wouldn’t have cut it on NR2002’s 1024x1024 templates running on an overclocked AMD K62.

NR2002 (modeled in 3DS Max):


I for one am very impressed with the amazing graphics the artist in the forza community over all iterations have created. Very thankful for all their hard work and awesome designs to show off in the lobby racing.

Thanks guys! I figured it wasnt true. There really are some talented painters out there for sure!