Vinyl logo request

Hi guys my gamers is GlennTheBeard… Was wondering if anybody with more talent than I could forge me a vinyl logo using their imagination so I can apply to all of my cars when I race…I love Nissan skylines…especially rear lights…don’t know if anyone can help…thanks in advance

Many thanks…r34 skyline and r35 gtr please…dark colours or white car with simple logo with my gamertag would be perfect…

I’ve been painting these cars in FH2, then transfer to F6, so am painting 3 drift/tuner Nissans, I can change the base Color, design Color, wheel Color to how you want it. I’ve put your gt name on.

Just tell me the colors with the paint codes, as am painting them in my colors first without your gt on.

I’ll let you know here when the others are ready.

I thought they be ready before FH3, 2 will be but the 3rd I’ll be still painting it in FH3.

I’ll share them together when last one is done.