Vinyl Groups with Widebody

I can’t figure out how to share my vinyl group with a widebody kit. I saw this thread from FH3—How-to-save-designs-to-the-Storefront-with-visible-customisation.aspx, but it doesn’t seem to be working for me anymore.

I think that was my thread from Horizon 3.

I’m assuming by “trying to share my vinyl group with a widebody kit” you mean trying to share a design with a widebody kit?

I tried it out last week & the method still works for Horizon 4, although if it’s any consolation it took me a few goes to get it right - and that’s following my own guide!!! :grinning:

(Your link didn’t work for me so here it is again: )

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Thanks Midnyte Dubh, I moved this thread here from General Discussion in the hopes you’d see it and respond.

Thanks for the reply I will try again later, I must have not followed it properly.

I tried doing this trick like I used to in Horizon 3 with no luck

Hi Guest,

I posted in the FH3 thread in response to someone else who was having trouble with it. Follow this step by step and it’s guaranteed to work.